CSWIP 3.2U - NDT Inspection Diver - Middlesbrough


Lantern Swinger
Commercial divers requiring knowledge of advanced underwater NDT techniques and career progression from the CSWIP 3.1U

Theoretical instruction to CSWIP approved syllabus; advanced underwater NDT techniques; magnetic particle inspection; weld toe grinding; overview of electro-magnetic techniques.

Course Objectives:
  • To explain theoretical principles relating to subsea NDT inspection
  • To be proficient in practical NDT subsea inspection techniques
  • To gain eligibility to sit the CSWIP 3.2U examination

Additional Information:

  • Must hold current CSWIP 3.1U certificate
  • Hold an HSE approved in-date full commercial diver medical certificate
For more information on this course and details on how to enrol, please follow the link…http://www.bfrss.org.uk/Courses-View/13472-CSWIP-3.2U---NDT-Inspection-Diver.aspx#.VZJMJvlVhHw

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