I went on a 13 week army preparation course shortly after leaving school and I gained a CSLA (Community Sports Leadership Award) and a whole heap of other adventure training certificates and so forth, would this go towards anything if I manage to pass the recruitment process for the Navy?

I have my appointment with a careers advisor on 27th should i take them along or not bother?

And yes i was going to join the army years ago but couldn’t due to unforeseen circumstances at home.
Probably won't count for anything unless you apply to be Sports Kit Storeman.
By all means take them along to the AFCO, they deserve a laugh too!
But seriously yes take them along with any other worthwhile certificates, ie educational.
Leave your ROSPA Cycling Proficiency one at home though. :thumright:


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NZ_Bootneck said:
...By all means take them along to the AFCO, they deserve a laugh too!...
You're all heart!

Actually, you should take all educational and achievement certificates together with your National Record of Achievement to your selection interview.

This includes Look at Life certificates & reports, school reports, swimming certificates, attendance certificates, First Aid certificates, Uniformed Youth Organisation Certificates, Athletics certificates, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, letters of commendation, Work Placement certificates, Martial Arts Certificates, Sports certificates (man of the match & suchlike).

Basically any evidence that you have achieved something in life or any proof of reliability - it's the one time in your life where you should try to impress and let us know how good you are. Remember no-one else will do it for you, so you have to try & prove you're worth investing tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of pounds of taxpayers' money in training and wages.

Good luck.

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