OK I'm new here so treat me gently, my take is this - CS95 is laid down in FLAGOs to be the rig of the day (all day) for SPO members QMs and Upper deck sentries on ships that have the space to carry the extra kit. The reason behind it wasn't clear to me for a long time but has now been explained to me that it provides a visual deterrent to wannabe intruders that the guy with the gun knows how to use it rather than a fat stoker in ovies who has been put out on a stag for an hour! Our unit wears CS95 when we are working with weapons or SPO training, the rest of the time we wear whatever is rig of the day. It works well.


Are we really getting blue CS95s? I heard they were trialled as a replacement for No4's but thought that they had been ditched as had the blue Norwegian shirts...

I rather like my current No4's, they are distinctly Naval as opposed to wearing a converted Army uniform. I can't see how it would be cheaper to introduce blue 95s for 'commonality', as the manufacturing lines for 4s must be already set up and in well-refined operation after all these years!


dubaipusser said:
No way they could replace 4s with blue combats - what about fire retardent qualities etc?

Another pipe dream?
FR CS95 (green & desert) already exist. As modelled by AAC, RAF and FAA aircrew.


Deffo bring Blue Combat 95 Pants, Shirts, Jackets. Should wear assault boots with them.

Maybe the Combat 95 Jacket could have an attatchment for the Sailors Collar. Didnt Royal Navy Commandos wear sailor collars with thier khakis?.

Combat 95s are well the best, Why do you think the RAF and RN use them too?, Just proves it.


Assault boots? Why, when steaming boots are required for so many seamanship evolutions and are far quicker to kick off if you need to get into Fearnought in a hurry, would you choose to wear a pair of boots intended for yomping miles and jumping into trenches in?

I'm not saying CS95 isn't a good set up for some situ's - i.e. the ones the RN already uses them for, when you might be required to use a rifle or such at short notice. But if it is so great, then why is the Army moving to a new combat dress (PECOC?) and back to a green version of our 4s for 'barrack dress' around camp? And day to day an airman is far more likely to be found wearing their blue version of 3s rather than 95s...

I must say I cant see what is wrong with the current set up of 3s, 4s + ovies, and 95s.


At least they are better than sh1tty DMS boots.

They are not so hard to get off, Depends how thick the laces are. The men will get used to them anyway. Maybe they could use the RAF Aircrew boots which are similar but have flat sole..


Lantern Swinger
Does it make any difference now as very few RNR ever go to sea again.

I will wear CS95, but i wont set foot on a ship again :(

Too many branches now dont or wont go to sea, so should we then not all have Purple CS95 as i keep getting told i am now Purple :p (it will go with my eyes :lol: )

Hope you all have a great chrimbo


My take on this is that it's much to do with identity. Whether RN or Really Not Required we're all part of a single Naval Service as the pubs are putting it and so we should be intergrated.

That means wearing the correct rig of the day. To be honest I quite like the idea of blue CS95s, especially the bit someone said about the white ensign in the place of the union flag- that's a nice touch. It doesn't matter though what we wear. Uniform is designed to show uniformity of dress, hence the name. Obviously we need to wear the right rig for the right job though.

Now if we only were to wear 1s, it would work...
If uniformity was what was required then it was not achieved for the SPO team sent out on the Kent recently as they had Green CS95s and the ships company had desert rig.


The reason that we didn't have deserts, was because all desert gear that was being given out was for op herrick at that time and I beleive still is. As it was, we were better kitted out than the RN, they only had one set of deserts issued on a temp basis, they didn't even have greens, I went with 4 sets.

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