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We had a visit from FOSNNI recently and he said that he was against the RNR wearing CS95's and that we should be wearing No 4's. If we take part in any RNR activity then that will be the case. The only exception at the moment would be if deployed by Fleet and they say CS95's should be worn or if individuals are deployed to regions of conflict. So if taking part at Bisley etc then its No 4's. Our unit has already taken it onboard. What do you think?.


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The way the armed services are going we are more and more 'purple'.
I wear CS95s in my current post and will be in my next. I don't have a problem with wearing them.


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Ignore it until it comes down in black and white.

Things that come out of Flag Officers mouths that ever get acted upon are like trustworthy politicians.....few and far between....!! :twisted:
Treasure your blue rig while you still have the choice.

Not entirely on Thread but it reminds me about passing through a Sri Lankan security check point in Colombo. The SAC and his lads were in smart blue DPM. You could see them for bloody miles.


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Typical attitude that. Most of the GSSR branch have been issued with a big black bag of kit costing around a grand, and then some gold braider decides he doesn't like us wearing it. WHAT THE FECK DID THEY ISSUE IT FOR THEN!!!!

Is that his personal opinion or is it real policy. Sorry, until I see it in black and white I'll carry on doing RF/DF training in greens. Besides, it fits me better.... :lol:

Tossers! I refer you to the RETENTION threads.

[walks off in huff]


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I haven't worn 4's for about 5 years. I always wear Cs95s as they are comfy, practical and do the job. FOSNNI is clearly talking rubbish.
I will wear CS95's and conveniently forget my 4's in future methinks!


Once again someones personal taste in rig causes ruptions. By the time it is raised officially and it goes through all the various committees, etc, he will have left the post and it will all be forgotten. I bet the Civil Servants who hold the purse strings will have something to say about it to! Until it comes out officially then I will wear my CS95 when it is required. I'm about to go operational and have been told not to even bother with 4's as the rig will be CS95 on board!!

If you can recall, the last 2nd S/Lord didn't like matelots wearing the new foulie jackets with the dayglo bits on bases so they bought and issued those wet weather coats without and issued them. Now they're re issuing the one's with the dayglo bits!!!!!!!!

I like all our rigs. Each one worn for different occasions and proudly so, so if you are in GSSR for example, then when weapon handling, etc the rig should be CS95 ( I'd like the Admiral to lay down on a soaking wet firing range in the pouring rain in just his 4's as Pusser will only give you foulies if you join a ship!!! At least in CS95 you get gortex).


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Has this not got to do with when certain rig is worn. I am of the understanding that CS95 is worn when deployed (ORT or for real) or for specific training evolutions eg NAPWT etc. I have heard buzz's that in some units Logs and GSSR are wearing it on drill nights. Why? You don't see stokers at Sultan wearing Ovvies as their primary rig!