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Evenin' All.

Supposing I was stationed far, far away and got sent to do a course, before using said course for the olympics. Supposing I was going to be based on an RFA ship for the duration, are there any allowances that I might be entitled to?

I ask because I believe there's people here who might know. Many thanks if you can help.


Lantern Swinger
and you couldn't have worked this out for yourself? I mean the clue is in the title.......
Do you mean that sol is helpful, or that I could have looked at JSP?

As it happens, I don't have access to JSP or Defence intranet, or whatever official stuff is quoted. I'm a civvy, see?

I was asking 'cos I was talking about it with someone who might require the info.

And anyway, it gave you the opportunity to get your little dig in.
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