Crying About Lying

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by billstickers, Sep 19, 2013.

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  1. I have been reading about what a wonderful chap FMAA Tom Wilkinson is. I remember FMAA Tom Wilkinson as RPO Wilkinson on HMS Forth. My recollections are somewhat different. I remember him as a self important bully. In 1967 I was a 17 year old Junior Stoker on HMS Forth, the ship was based in Singapore most of the time. So when we made a trip to Darwen, Australia, it was quite exciting to be going somewhere different. I went ashore the first couple of days, then decided to stay on board one night to save my pennies. It was early evening and I was sitting reading, still wearing my No 8s uniform. RPO Wilkinson came around shouting at everyone to get changed into night clothing, bell bottom trousers and white front. I think I was a bit confused as I told him that I was duty watch and had to stay in No 8s. A little while later I realised my mistake and was about to go and get changed into night clothing when RPO Wilkinson collared me. He had checked up and found that I was not duty watch. He put me on a charge of lying to him. I went before the Commander and was given No 9 punishment for the rest of the time that the ship was in Darwen. It was extremely upsetting to be given such a harsh punishment for such a trivial offence. However I thought that I would be able to get over it and put it down to experience. But really I think that incident was the tipping point that made me realise that joining the Navy had been a big mistake and caused me to leave at the first opportunity. I find that even now after all this time that incident keeps coming back to me. I have never forgotten it and still detest the man.
  2. 46 years ago! I think its about time you let that go. Besides, you should have been in Night clothing, so he wasnt actually wrong was he?
  3. He was wrong to troop me for lying, when I was simply confused.
  4. No he wasn't wrong...You told him something that was untrue, you were charged and at the trial you failed to convince the Commander of your confusion...

    The reason sailors clean into night clothing is to stop crabby little baby stokers sitting around in their manky 8's all night,

    After all this time, it's obvious that you are still a ****.
  5. I seem to have touched a nerve here. I quite expected that my post might bring some insults, I hadn't expected them this quickly though.
    Can you please try to keep any further correspondence civil.

    I accept what you say about my not convincing the Commander of my confusion. Do you really think that the Commander would believe me rather that an RPO, that would be humiliating to the RPO.
  6. Not a case of believing one over the other....RPO presented the facts, you told him you were duty and you were not...simple fact...Did tell a lie.... end of dit.
    Your job was to explain to the Commander why you told the lie......
    I'm trying to be civil, but you really are quite a fukcing thick cnut aren't you.
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  7. :crybaby: Bless
  8. A strange way of being civil. I respect your opinions, I also have a right to my opinions, you should respect that.
  9. You earn respect Not demand the meantime your cnutishness is outstanding.

    But...actually you are just a troll....nice try..but rather amateurish.
  10. Do you have anything sensible to say, or just insults?
  11. His insults seem pretty sensible to me!:headbang:
  12. I am not going to insult anyone back, tempting as it is. Do you actually know the man?
  13. Has everyone run out of insults?
  14. Which man?
    Uncle Tom I knew him on Ark Royal 75-76 one of the Rns true gentlemen.
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  15. Know him? He,s a bit of Legend for lot of us Wu's. He either trooped us, bollicked us or stopped our leave. But, unlike you, we were men enough to take it. Usually we deserved it. What hasn,t come up is the way he would take some miscreant aside and offer "Carreers Advice"' rather tha troop them.
    For FFS move on man, 46 years and you are still carrying this burden, get a life!
  16. Perhaps he had mellowed by that time. Was he an FMAA by then? If so that might explain it. When I knew him he was still an RPO and probably still trying to climb the ladder to the top.
  17. You ever think that he may have done you a favour?
  18. More to the point I think Uncle Tom did the navy a favour.
    Most of us have dropped in the shit at some time in our careers, we dripped about it at the time but to be honest we probably deserved it. Once we recognised this fact we got over it, bout time old Ballickarse manned up and recognised that he lied to a reggie and got caught, if you can't do the time don't do the crme
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  19. wal

    wal Badgeman

    As a baby stoke in those time I leant that one wore clean ovies, just in case you see. I also respected my elders. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  20. ...and you were never a stroppy, gobby UA OD pushing his luck to the brink and beyond, perchance?

    Most of us PSOFs would freely admit to suchlike during our formative years but we grew up and out out of it without looking back in anger about all the many times we'd been seen-off/green-rubbed/dipped-out/skidded for something totally unfair etc, etc

    And Himself? Has it never occurred to you that:

    a) He'd been leaned upon from higher above to sharpen those up who had started to let the end go whilst a'servin' forrin?

    b) That tough punishment at the table could be due to a whole host of reasons ranging from the prevailing mood of the Commander that day to how well your DO represented you with lots inbetween - Or are you suggesting that the RPO told the Commander what punishment to award?

    Opinions? Thats mine, sunshine.

    Eagerly awaiting your next hard-done-by dit,


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