crushers and leading patrolmen

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by dickhead, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. In today's Fleet how many ships carry MAA's or other Regulatory staff whatever they are now called ?
    Does the Gibraltar Flotilla have any?
    Fisheries Protection?
    Drug-running units in the West Indies?
    If MAA's exist in ,say, off-shore Jamaica vessels Are they spending more time lining up their own hands rather than the real Columbian rascals?
  2. Norman

    Given yourself away there a bit havn't you, thought you had just finished Raleigh and chiefy told you that you might have to go to sea??????

    My dad used to call the Leading Patrolmen too
  3. What a subject....put me off my breakfast it has!
  4. Norman Norman Norman

    If you were serving you would know the current state of play with the regulating branches on board ships
  5. Norma

    I have information from a SNOUT who tells me a disaffect group of Lieutenant Commanders who are under-employed at Min of Def, Whitehall are conspiring to use a RN Vessel to import vast amounts of a white powder into the UK from a un-named South American country. Then use the profits to purchase 30 metre patrol vessels so they can get a Command.

    Annony Mouse
  6. I know the type of officer:
    The type whose 216? read 'His men will follow him anywhere, purely out of curiosity'...
    In other words 'FFS what is this ****** up to now'...
  7. Correctly pronounced S'nar (forget the t) where I come long do you think we can keep this going?
  8. Sussex

    No, definitely a short sharp 'T' on the end "Snaaw't" take that from one who was a member of Soufff Lunnans Finest Filth for many years.

  9. In my days 'mongst the 'micks "****" was a verb. When did it become a common noun?
  10. That last posting made no sense what-so-ever.
  11. Your first encounter with worries Stepto. :thumright:
  12. All Reggies Are Beef
  13. Takes one to know one
  14. Let me explain. Micks is how the sailors referred to their hammocks. Mongst refers to being amongst . So Mongst the Micks means the duty PO rubbing his head under the hammocks of sleeping hands as he attempted to get their hands off cocks and to put on their lovely warm pussers socks.
  15. You're not suggesting that this under-employed two and a half is disaffected (desafecto in your given tongue)-- Are you?
  16. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

  17. Not at all Norma,

    Annony Mouse
  18. Especialy the Chief
  19. Norma

    I am suggesting nothing, I know it is not very professional to reveal who the informant that is supplying the information but as it is YOU; I feel no guilt when I out you the the world as a GRASS.

    When are getting this picture of your daughte, has she been removed from the ranks of court officials..

  20. How would Norman know what he is talking about if and I quote lol

    ooooo He's only been in a few months


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