Crunch 'may hit carrier contract'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 5dits, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. linky

    Will they happen?
  2. Now why doen't this come as no suprise.
  3. just cut a deck out that will save costs ow no thats the albion
  4. I posted a while ago that in this climate there is a need for "fiscal stimulation".

    An excellent example would be a major engineering project costing several billions, using say 120,000+ tons of steel. Ideally locate this project in a traditional heavy engineering area and watch the votes come rolling in.

    no one is actually pumping money into the economy right now. If the government doesn't do it now then it will make the coming recession even deeper. Payback time won't be pretty, but the majority of economists seem to think that major public spending is the only way to stimulate the economy.

  5. Yeah tell me about it :)
  6. No big problem as they won't have any planes to fly off them anyways…
  7. Having paid top Dorrer for maky steel, it would be particularly bone to significantly delay the work now. There again, I could be underestimating the boneness of HMs Treasury (I wonder if they ever got their war medal from the Argentinean Government).

    I really don’t think he really would be stupid enough to substantially damage manufacturing industry while throwing money at the retail, finance and building trades. He must realise that what we can no longer afford to buy in will have to be home made?
  8. Work to build two giant aircraft carriers may be affected by the economic downturn. It might, it might not.

    But the Ministry of Defence has confirmed all its major programmes are under cost-cutting scrutiny. Aren't they always?

    ...fears were growing in the shipyards of a potential "slippage" in the contract. Really?

    This sounds like a non-news story from their star reporter, Phil Space.
  9. PoL

    Please do not suggest the incumbent government has either common sense or intelligence. The carrier contract wasin reality all about winning votes in Scotland, recent experience has shown that it didn't work so it can now be canceeled.

    Always remeber the main purpose of the government it to try and win the next election so thatthe maximium number of the party faithfull can keep their snouts in the trough. Any benefit that the nations gets out of this process is purely accidental
  10. Here we go again,

    The cost of the new ships at the moment is xx millions, however we will now delay the building of them to save money and the cost will then be xxxx millions.

    How are we saving money?

    Once again what was the projected cost by the procurement cell is going to be way out and those at the front will suffer.
  11. Because the Treasury would be saving money in the current round of spending which is where the pain is. They don't care about pushing the cash back 2,3 or 5 years because:

    a. Presentationally they can state it is ensuring coherency with the procurement of F-35 (or some similar excuse).

    b. It's likely to be another government's problem.

    c. It puts a difficult decision off.

  12. One wonders what his sources are, is this the early positioning of the builder to miss their delivery milestones?

    It's a content free article otherwise!

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