Cruelest You Have Got Rid Of A Girlfriend

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by tug1970, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. Ok when I was in my late teens I binned my girlfriend by telling
    her she was an awful shag and she had bo and only went out with her beacuse I knew she would drop her Knickers.
    Now was I evil or has anyone done or said worse.

    Edited because this fcuking keyboard is not working
  2. Not so much a way of getting rid of them, but once split I always feel the need to tell anybody who asks after her that she's dead. Usually as the result of a car accident. Half a dozen people greeting her with 'christ, I thought you were dead!' in the space of a few days has to be somewhat depressing.
  3. Lol I like that. :D :D :D
  4. I tend to always need one last shag with an ex. This usually requires me to be a total knob to get anywhere.

    The cruelest has to be this bird i had been with for 4years. I told her i wanted to be single and basically shag about whilst i was young. However, i got my urge to have one more shag. I groveled, said i was being an idiot and asked her back. She accepted, as she thought we were going to be together forever and all that bollox, so we had make up sex (everyone knows this type of sex is great), the next day feeling like i had won i explained i needed some time and couldn't see her anymore.

    She then went off the rails abit and a few years down the line she is joining the RAF. :roll:
  5. Nailing her best mate and telling her the mate was much better usually gets the correct response.

    It's also great to watch their friendship fizzle out knowing you created the animosity that exists between them.
  6. I can’t really say that I get rid of girlfriends. I just seem to have less and less free time. :D

  7. Nailing her sister and telling her the sister was much better usually gets a better response. :twisted:
  8. Especially while you are hanging out the back of her at the time.
  9. I always lose respect for them after anal so when i do bin them my biting comments have more depth.
    I dont know what it is i just cant respect someone who takes it up the shitter especially if it didnt take much persausion.
    The other major problem with this is i actually like degrading them in this way so i spend all my time convincing them that "i'll be gentle", you will enjoy it after the first couple of thrusts", "yes i will use lube" etc
    then once the deed is done i love the look of worthlessness on there face as i spit in there mouth and leave them forever.
  10. Cant name names, but a mate of mine pulled a stunner and we all thought that she was the one, untill we went on mountain training in Scotland where he got ming bat maskers, pulled a local, and while screwing her, phoned up the girlfriend just to say that he has at last pulled a Scottish bird.
  11. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Cruelest way? Probably letting them live.
  12. So this explains why baby stokers all look so down and disheartened!!! 8O :oops:
  13. Damn Right good fellow
  14. At least two of mine actually did die. One pegged it after driving me to the airport; she crashed on the way home after I dumped her. oooops

    I have a lot more, but I don't want to put it out into an open forum.

  15. AIDS?
  16. Broken heart. And AIDS
  17. Torture?
  18. AIDS Torture?
  19. Ah, the old 'slow puncture' technique. Cold man, cold :twisted:
  20. hey Loggie someone told me you were dead!


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