Crown Colony Class Cruisers


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VG website. I wanted to sign Jones' guestbook with a reminder of Ceylon, Newfoundland (my ship 1956-7), Uganda, Superb and Swiftsure but the link wouldn't open. On a point of order, the names (except for the last two) are colonies but not Crown Colonies.

Mauritius was in the Pacific manned by the RNZN and her landing party, or maybe Newfoundland's (depends which one you believe!) were the first Brits except for the unfortunate PoWs to set foot in Japan in 1945.

Newfoundland had her stern blown off by a torpedo at Salerno and was steamed across the Atlantic without a rudder, streaming a hawser from the forecastle to keep her head off the wind and on the verge of hoisting an awning as a foresail. She was later, at Suez with HMS Diana, to take part in the last coventional warship-to-warship gun action in the history of the world and was the last warship to fire the BL gun in anger.

Uganda and another went to the RCN to become HMCSs Quebec and Ontario; Newfoundland and Ceylon were sold to the Peruvians and became Almirante Grau and Coronel Bolognesi. HMS London on a visit to Callao in 1964 was asked to send a technical party to get Grau moving again but was foiled because 1) DC kit and 2) so many of Grau's spares had been sold on the black market.
When I was at boarding school on Anglesy, TS indefatigable, my class was picked up off Holyhead and sailed into Liverpool with the Gambia. For a thirteen year old, she seemed enormous. Didn't put me off though.

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