Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by BeerBad, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. So who has got their costume ready for Saturday night?
  2. What's happening saturday night??
  3. the theme is world cup
  4. lmao, it didnt even click!
  5. Anyone been before and got any tips kit etc?
  6. bring a change of kit in case you get wet, join in all actvities, do your best enjoy yourself. buy CWO a drink
  7. ciderjack, if you are walking around during Saturday you want good boots, a comfy day sack and plenty of water.
  8. Aggree with water, was redders. But thought as a first timer it was well worth attending. Shall be encouraging more from my Unit to attend next year.
  9. If you thought Crowborough was worth attending give HMS CAMBRIA It's a Knock Out a go.
  10. An excellent weekend (as always). :D
    Standard of fancy dress wasn't as 'inventive' as it might have been! :wink:
    Can't wait for next year.
  11. Whats involved with this? I'm going this year, I can't really remember saying I would but apparently I did!
  12. Its a very worthwhile weekend. Its the most attended weekend in the whole RNR calendar, with personnel from nearly all units attending. Lots of PLT type evolutions and some very good sport and CLM training, not to mention an enjoyable social.
  13. I think we sent 2 people down - how disapointing.
  14. 150 in attendance
    8 RNR units represented
    3 URNU Units

    An excellent weekend was had by all
  15. Agree, fantastic weekend.

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