Crowborough this year

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by MasterChief, Jun 12, 2008.

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  1. Just a quick survey if you dont mind. Have all units received the calling notice and info for this years Crowborough event ? 12-14th September
  2. Calliope, Aye
  3. President Aye.... ;-)
  4. Only 2 replies MC (and one from the unit that runs it)?
    Either you are losing your touch or they didn't get it.
  5. We must get Penfold on the case DM[​IMG]
  6. King Alfred, aye.
  7. Flying Fox...Aye, It has been added to our longcast (I however will be in Disneyland though....sorry not even Crowborough can compete with that!)
  8. MC - Yes, Vivid have got the details posted up.

  9. Thx for the responses please urge your shipmates to get the form sent to PRESIDENT asap. If you get any in unit resistance to travel or pay etc, please let me know asap.
    I will help you get it sorted
  10. Tony - CAMBRIA have the trawl, but will only have a few attendees as it clashes with the SWRTW. Cheers.
  11. Glad to be of service MC (seems to have done the trick and got you at least a few more responses).

    I'll be there too - not sure what Penfold is up to (or where he has disappeared to ...).


    BTW thought Crowborough was now supposed to be a Red Card 'national' event - so how come it clashes with whatever 'SWRTW' is?
  12. Probably because the RNR interpretation of a longcast appears to be advising everyone of all the events on one weekend rather than a tool for deconfliction!!!!
  13. Just a quick question for all you old hands out there - having read the bumpf that is on the Crowborough advert in unit, it says that it is open to anyone, inc CW/AIB/LH etc candidates...

    If a humble AB did stick their name down to go along would they get as much out of it or would they get overlooked slightly with all that gold braid and pile of hooks kicking around?

    Just a thought as I would really quite like to go! lol


  14. FJ

    It's quite simple - you or anyone else will get out of it as much as you are prepared to put in.

  15. I believe that Eaglet have a shooting weekend on the same dates?
  16. Eaglet wont have for much longer ??
  17. I haven't been suckered into going for a couple of years, but if it's run as it used to be, you'll get sent round the stances as a team and leadership for each task cycles through the team, so everyone gets a go.
  18. Surely from your tone you're not implying that a shooting weekend that has operational value would be sidelined in favour of Crowborough!!

    Hmm I wonder what the SO1 & SO2 or AWFP would make of that?????
  19. Thanks U_A and Dangermouse

    Will def stick my name down next drill night and try and square it with the Boss.
  20. CLM is exceptionally valuable in particular with regard to OC and personnel being deployed. Perhaps you havent read the CLM strategic paper. The RN & RNR have accepted the importance of CLM.
    Shooting is very valuable , and rightly so has a lot of emphasis. Crowborough offers an opportunity for no blame decision making and leadership training, and is held once a year, Shooting weekends are held more frequently.

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