Crowborough Challenge 2011

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by MasterChief, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. Calling notice now gone out, hope to see you all there
  2. Crowborough - top, top weekend!!!

    But which flamin' numpty put it on the same weekend as Bisley??????

    Great planning once again.
  3. LOL. Yeah. Typical planning. Two national events on one weekend. Someone should get a rocket for that.

    Let's see - the last Bisley the RNR may ever attend, or Crowborough? No contest. Bisley's incredible fun.
  4. It is very disapointing, Crowborough is supposed to be a "red flag" event ie, it has priority over any other events. However I do understand the importance of Bisley.
    Sadly someone decided to go ahead with Bisley on the same weekend?
    Its a shame both are great events, anyway Crowborough looking good, over 100 names already.
  5. Absolutely agree. I should qualify, having attended the Crowborough Challenge before, it's a cracking event and just about the last national reserve event around. I will be back next year - anyone in my unit not in the Bisley team, is attending this years one!
  6. Both weekends are fantastic and very high value training - something which is in short supply at the moment, which makes it even more infuriating that they're on the same weekend. Opted for Bisley myself. Although I haven't shot since last august so it could be interesting!!!!!!

    (see what I mean about the lack of useful training - 12 months without a shooting opportunity).
  7. Now over 200 attending, plus some Bisley escapees joining us for the famous Saturday Social, this is now the only pan RNR event left on the calendar, a sign of the times i guess.
  8. Not long left, looking forward to this, will be the largest event I've attended with the reserves so far.
  9. Great weekend, had a really good time! Well done to all those that attended!

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