LOL......Cheers sgtpepperband........... as a Submariner I 'm surprised he was looking at a forum on fitness.......LOL

Advert yes but with good intentions, the majority of people train wrong for joining up......... or even when serving, so if you are going to try and reach the right people you come to where those people hang out... and by the way if you go to the message board, linked to the site we give loads of info out for free, so my little dolphin mucker you jumped the gun!!!!!!


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MarkCFD: No one is criticising your ability to leave the Service and set up your own company (an admirable thing to do), but as you can imagine this site (and ARRSE) gets bombarded with 'spam' posts from all sorts of companies, for a variety of reasons.

If you wanted to reach a large number of members, perhaps you should email Good_CO (the site administrator) and have a company advert added to the homepage (for the price of a small donation...)?

Good luck in your new venture. :thumright:
Will do, didn't know that, thanks for the info........ and I didn't take it as criticisim, I totally understand..... was just having a little jape with Janner, as my memories of subs are bad ones.......LOL

The crossfit methodology is perfect for the military mate, go to the message board and you will see a thread for military and emergency services, trying to give info to future soldiers, its been set up by myself and another ex bootie..... be great if you added some info for the up and coming lads & ladies as your knowledge would be more upto date than mine............... I have 16yrs of civvie st behind me.

Also gonna place links to you from the board arrse as well.




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SgtP, obviously a LARGE (nudge, nudge) Boatman showed him the golden rivet, in a rough sort of way :afro: :thumright:
How do you remember me, I thought it was a distant memory for you :compress: But its a night I shall never forget o_O

LOL.......Nice1 Buddy :thumright:


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MarkCFD: Cheers mate, and welcome to RR. Most of what's said in here (and ARRSE) is in gest. And if it you end up arguing, you've lost... :lol: