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I was informed today and regret that I have to let you all know that Lieutenant Commander Robert Griffiths RN (retd) passed away on 8th November 2019 at the age of 82. Cause of death was mesothelioma (asbestos-related cancer), courtesy of the Royal Navy.

You will all know him better as Seaweed, sensible poster on matters wide and varied as well as being a prolific book reviewer. Seaweed was a great supporter of the sites, both Rum Ration and Arrse, for many years and when the call went out for book readers he was one of the first and became one of the busiest.

I knew that Robert was ill when he stood down as a reviewer a few weeks ago and he told me that he had mesothelioma and that it has been traced back to his service in the Andrew. He died on the same day I heard about Sluggy another Arrse great, so we lost two great supporters of the sites on one day, a black day for the sites but knowing both I doubt they would want it seen that way.

I will leave this now and ask that @Bad CO now memorialises his username.
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A sad loss indeed. Although we heard little from Seaweed recently he certainly vitalised the more serious corners of this site with his reminiscences & anecdotes from the wardroom of an earlier Royal Navy which those of us of a certain age knew & respected. I can only recall one instance of his displeasure here - When a RR website 'update' resulted in the almost total wipe-out of Rrpedia, including a treasure trove of his own articles.

RIP Sir, with fair winds & following seas on 'tother side of the bar...


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I’m sorry to hear that Seaweed has gone to the big stand easy. I’d just proposed him as a candidate for moderator and one of the COs wrote that Seaweed had handed in his book reviewer credentials. I didn’t connect the dots.

Seaweed and I never broke cover but his contributions on ARRSE and RR had the mark of an experienced, a generation older, officer, gentleman and wit. I always behaved myself in his presence.

I haven’t been emotional about the passing of an Internet chum until now.


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Yep, a gentleman in real life as he was in cyberspace.

There were times when it seemed he was the only sane, level-headed contributor who didn't rise to the bait and fly off the door-clip at the drop of a proper comfy Gieves & Hawkes item of headgear.

My sincere condolences to his loved ones, may he Rest in Peace. Like many, I'll miss him.
Nooooo! So that's why he was getting rid of his library.

A well-respected contributor and book reviewer who was kind enough to review three of my submissions. I will miss his input dearly.

RIP @Seaweed and sincere condolences to his family and close friends.


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My heartfelt condolences to those he has now left behind.
The manner of his passing was not befitting of a man who served this country.



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Currently watching the film We Joined the Navy which is set in Seaweed's era. I'm sure he would have been suitably shocked!

The book is better, of course, but the film is almost as funny.
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