Cross-cultural conflict?

Too many reasons to go into here, but one of the problems or fall out from this is the total dumbing down of the service (RCMP), they no longer employ the high standards they used to because of the PC human rights stuff, this would be tough training, only those who can handle themselves and others in a dangerous situation need apply has gone by the wayside.

Four of them showed up, 30yrs ago, two would be enough to grab said individual firmly but solidly and hold him until medical personnel could show up and assess the situation or stick him with a needle to calm him down.

Or a certified Polish interpreter could be brought to help with the situation, I mean FFS it's not like we don't have any Poles in Canada, well maybe not so many in BC, but hey there must be a few of them around.

It's the 'Rambo" attitude, instead of analysing the situation calmly and from a distance they went gung ho, it has been said also as a result of improper training and the lowering of standards that the new "force" is made up of light weights (under 200 lbs) and need to rely on the Tasers to handle a situation.

The force's reasoning is that well it beats being shot at, but hey if the officer is fully trained in the use of a baton and is able to handle a person who may weigh 70lbs more then them, then violent force wouldn't be needed...

One of the RCMP officers even had his knee across the back of the man's neck, some lawyers and retired senior police officers are already saying this could be used to bring charges of manslaughter against the 4 officers...
Exactly my point with the differences in cultures. The need to bring in an interpreter is where the police of any nationality are legally hand-cuffed whereas before, when dealing with their own kind, each knew almost what the other was thinking. The RCMP and the ' Met ', two of the most well known and respected police forces in the world , ( and admired ) what kid didn't love the ' Mounties ', now seem to be heading, like many other treasured national characteristics, for the PC rubbish bin. I sometimes think foreigners in a culture ' use ' the difference to manipulate the law and invoke ' racism ' for financial gain. Anyway , regardless of anything I feel very sorry for the police of any nation where they have to be interpreters , shrinks , doctors , mind readers and even baby sitters as they try to sort out the mess we are creating. Sad with The 'Mounties' in particular, such an example to the world of squeaky clean law enforcement. Such was life .
The downfall of the "mounties" began when they had their name trademarked, at one time anyone in Canada could sell nik naks or stupid little keepsakes like keychains and dolls all wearing the red serge and the readily recognizable hats, but Disney and the RCMP came to an agreement...Disney!!!! ffs, I was expecting them to start wearing Mickey Mouse ears.

That and too many Royal Commissions in wrongful deaths over the years and the way the RCMP get to police itself, it's lost all credibility and is seen as the sitting Governments private police force...

It's so watered down now that the Provinces and Communities hire the mounties to police their respected zones, this way they don't have to hire a professional Police force...

It's all gone wrong Gunga Din... :rambo:
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Just to warn folk and in particular Plod on the use of Taser's I repeat a story previously published on these pages which made me PMSWL.


Nutty said:
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Just to warn folk and in particular Plod on the use of Taser's I repeat a story previously published on these pages which made me PMSWL.


ROFL...I remember that, obviously didn't read the warning labels eh! (sparks + gas = a real mess) :afro:

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