Discussion in 'Motoring' started by Waspie, Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. Dropped the bike, (285 kg), on my foot this morning!!!

    Achilles tendon stretched, huge bruising and mega swelling. ('Kin painful too).

    Bike ain't good either, over a grands worth of damage and I was stationary!!!!!:banghead: Someone moved the ground - it wasn't where my foot was when I stopped!!!!! :frustrated:
  2. Ouch!

    Hope you get better soon, Waspie.

    Feet up and a lot of TLC for you for the next few days, I think.
  3. Get well oppo. My R1 is only 182kg. Would have hurt less ;-)

    Is damage plastics??
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  4. Thanks guys, yes the tupperware is crunched, the front fairing has snapped the internal clips.

    In one respect - good timing as it was going to be off the road whilst I replaced the front wheel bearings! Two birds one stone. And yes Fully comp.

    SWMBO has gone to work so I am sat - feet up having a refamiliayrisation with the tv remote!
  5. Did you get your foot looked at, Waspie, just in case you have broken something?
  6. If you don't want claim try eBay for parts
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  7. Best get the foot looked at ... you could be surprised as last one I heard similar was off for nearly 2 months with a similar injury and that was just soft tissue ... nothing broken!

    Ice packs can help the swelling and keep the foot up !
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  8. Soleil, I was blue lighted to Dorchester A&E, no broken bones. Just a very poorly achilles tendon, swelling and bruising.

    frogman007, being fully comp and having a low excess it's worth the claim. The front cover alone is over 400 notes, bottom panel, rear panel and light cluster all knackered. That's just my scabby eye looking at the damage. The bike is still under Honda's warranty too - so worth a good job done on it!
  9. Did they give you any bravery pills in A&E ... you can test them by shouting Beer Woman! from the sofa!
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  10. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Dropped a few bikes at a standstill.

    Rolled up to a junction one time and came to a stop. Due to being young and skint I couldn't afford all the gear so only had my old boots on. Unbeknown to me the lace had wrapped itself around the gear shift. Timber...........

    Luckily it was only a 125 and the only damage was some minor scrapes and my ego!
  11. I reckon it's the ego that suffers most. First thing I do is look around to see if anyone saw me!!!!

    I did have a good laugh at 3 squaddies trying to lift the beast up. (And failed). I gave a verbal brief to one chap, hold the handle bars and rear grab handle. Bend down, straight back and bent knees. Now straighten up and up it came!!!! **** me that's heavy he says - no shit Sherlock, it's just fell on my bleeding foot!

    As for putting it on the centre stand!!! Another good laugh!

  12. '
    Glad you are (reasonably) OK, etc Waspie but perhaps today's mishap, and that 'YKWYGO' thread, is sending you a sublime message?
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  13. Just playing Mr bad guy. I really do wish her well.
  14. Waspie, I feel your pain (not literally!) as I have 2 very heavy bikes. I dropped the Burgman 650 last year - dropping a bag of chicken bits for some feral cats! Road sloped away further than my foot when I'd stopped...........

    No damage to bike at all - very surprising - not a single scratch. Only damage was to my back lifting it up as it is even heavier than yours!

    'Kin cats didn't even say thanks!
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  15. For 'peds' they aren't quite as light as the big wheelers think. As was proved today! As for your Big Burger - wouldn't like to pick one up I have to say!
  16. 'peds? 'PEDS??? 'Kin 'Ell, some 'ped - it'll do best part of 200kph (indicated) maybe even more if I wasn't in vest and flip flops! Or turned in the electric mirrors!

    Is your one a Majesty?
  17. Didn't realise how many of us have bikes...Must be time to get a RR Chapter together and go for a blat sometime.

    Can't go too far cos Frogmans wrists and knees seize after 30 mins on his R1..

    I was out for a pleasant spin today...tested my electric plug in feckin old am'll be a tartan rug wrap around soon..
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  18. Silver Wing, A 600cc ped!!!!!:headbang:
  19. Ha ha, needed a laugh - cheers!:D

  20. Don't knock it! I used to do the Pompey/Bristol commute on my BMW K100LT and had heated grips and a Chilli electric jacket - what a combo! I'd far rather be arm and having hands that worked - handy for brakes etc!! Still got the Chilli somewhere I think, but won't be needing it here!

    Oh yes, and a 'throttle rocker' too - very handy for long motorway riding.

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