Criteria for selecting FSL

The SoS for Defence was recently asked what the criteria were for selection to the position of First Sea Lord.

Dr. Murrison: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what assessment he has made of the elements of the First Sea Lord’s job which the post holder would (a) be unable to conduct and (b) find difficulty in accomplishing without sea command experience.

Mr. Hutton: Holding a command at sea is not a pre-requisite to hold the Office of First Sea Lord. A candidate for the position of First Sea Lord is selected on merit against a range of competences. The incumbent would, however, have naturally attained a wide breadth of experience during their service career and would have completed the most demanding appointments, of which operational command at sea is clearly a prime example. The ability to undertake the full range of duties expected of the First Sea Lord is not, however, dependent on whether or not the individual has held a sea command.

HC Deb 6 October 2008 c258W

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