Crisps or apples, she can't afford both.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by danny, Sep 24, 2014.

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  1. You're are right to be horrified danny but she is by no means unique. In my small town I can see her like stuffing themselves with chocolate or cream cakes with their sprog alongside in the pushchair slobbering over a great greasy sausage roll. Trouble is all she's ever known is the government shoving handfuls of taxpayers money in her chubby mitt and no-one ever enquiring how she disposes of it all.
  2. She can afford gash tats though!!!

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  3. “I need more benefits to eat healthily[​IMG] and exercise and it would be good if the government offered a cash incentive for me to lose weight. I’d like to get £1 for every pound I lose. If the price of healthy food was lowered that would help too. I need help but I need it from the government."

    How about "I'd like to get the reassurance that I won't be found cold and rotting in my stinking pit one day because of a heart attack with every pound I lose" as an incentive?

    There's no helping some people and it is always someone elses fault. All they can think of is in financial incentive, which simply wouldn't work anyway. It is a lifestyle and attitude adjustment that is required here.

    Eat less, enjoy it more when you do. Simples.
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  4. She can afford rubbish hair dye though! Takeaways aren't cheap either so not sure what she is chatting on, bought an indian the other day and had to pay for the rice as well as the curry- what a rip off! Running is free as are many workouts on youtube, can also use a tin of beans for any weight lifty exercises; no excuses. Why should she get a quid for every lb, does she think anyone is that bothered if she chooses to be a fat, greasy mess? Aside from the inevitable hospital bills- although its nice to know taxes are going on that. I love food but manage to restrain myself from becoming a beast. Corrrrr.
  5. You don't even need to eat healthy or exercise to loose weight when your size 26.
    Just put the fucking fork down you fat slag.
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  6. It must take a fair bit of work to maintain that size. During my dissertation i stress ate an insane amount of food for a few weeks and only put on 2lbs (not sure on the state of my arteries mind). And that dropped off again when i stopped having dominos for breakfast and gateaux for lunch. Sad thing is she says she takes her children to mc donalds so they probably have no idea what a vegetable is, sad :(
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I've long thought that people in this position, obviously unable to run or manage a household budget, should get minimal cash from the state. Instead food vouchers should be issued which would be exchanged at any food outlet. Diet could be managed to a certain extent by banning the purchase of some articles, fags and booze being among the first. Vouchers would have to be collected from the Post Office on a weekly basis, petrol would not be available via the voucher scheme, hopefully this would ensure some exercise.
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  8. An interesting choice of reading material.
  9. fat cow has two kids by two different fathers.
    Of course she has who's going to shag her twice:D
    Romfters please keep quiet in that line you have just formed;)
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  10. Can't believe she can't eat healthily! Get yourself down to Iceland as you can get various frozen veg for under £1, get chicken, mince, beef, fruit and even your white lightening cider, if that's your tipple, there!
    Oh wait..... Your a fat lazy mong who can't be arsed to cook!
    How come she can afford takeaway all the time? Last time I looked, getting takeaway wasn't that cheap.
    I really dispair at the state of society and these lazy gits who have never done anything and expect everything for nothing! Bet her kids are fat lazy gits as well unless she's eaten all their food too!
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  11. Are the poor thing, it is not her fault the education system failed her, it did not teacher how to get a job, how to cook and the benefits of healthy eating or did she just attend the classes on how to claim benefits? If you go to the bottom of article there are some good comments one being her GP can sign her up for the likes of slimming world and 3 months at a gym all free to her at the tax payers expense, but she would probably not want this as the benefits in kind are not cash in hand to spend as she wishes. If she had enough to buy crisps and apples she would get fatter, even though the apples are healthier than crisps they still have calories? What she needs is educating on how she can cook her own food cheaper than buying a take-a-way. There have been programs that help people with sorting out their debts, one of the first things they say is stop buying take-a-way, eating out and prepared meals, cook from fresh. Anther program set out to prove not only cheaper but faster to cook from fresh than order from Take-a-way. So sorry educate not increase the national debt.
  12. I can't see her kids in the picture.

    Has she eaten them?
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  13. What's the price of Tatts these days, they can't be cheap, Maybe this would stop her stuffing her fat phizog.[​IMG]ven the gash ones.
  14. No she would just fill it from the top and just scoff whilst asking for more money?
  15. I'm afraid that she missed the classes on healthy eating, probably too busy shagging as she was up da duff at 15
    fckn thicko:eek:
  16. No don't be stupid she would loose benefits then.
    The cameraman just couldn't stand far enough away to fit them in the photo as well.
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  17. Now I haven't shopped in the UK for a while, but I'm guessing that all that brand name stuff in the kitchen cupboard cost a few bob.......
  18. Looks like she only buys what's on a BOGOF. As mentioned before, Iceland frozen veg is OK.

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  19. Could always staple her lips together, both sets, top and bottom. She'll lose weight and not be able to have any more,win.
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