Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by The_Jimmy, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I cant see any of the current so called defence correspondents storming the beach in the first wave, especially that twat from the scum simon dumn-cnut or whoever.
  2. A thought-provoking video that characterises the sort of thing our Defence media types are up against in these days of on-the-spot 24-hour rolling news. And that's without the security aspects such as the BBC's revelations that the Argentinean bombs were failing to explode on hitting our ships because they weren't arming quickly enough and the advance warning of our attack on Goose Green, both of which seriously threatened our success during the Falklands war.

    Where is all the coverage of normal life returning in most parts of Iraq and the schools, hospitals and utilities that have been restored in Afghanistan thanks to our troops' presence? Is it any surprise that the Israelis kept the media out of Gaza until they were happy they had the situation under control?
  3. An interesting video - and an interesting concept. We have 24-hour news these days and everyone wants instant answers, but I don't think we're any better informed than we were several decades. Any major event - particularly disasters and conflict - take time to develop, it takes days, months, perhaps years for the full story to come out, so the initial news reports are invariably wrong... but hey, the news channels have got to fill their air-time.

    Crisis on Omaha beach needs to be looked at in perspective. There were four beaches on D-Day which weren't crisis points... unless you were in the Wehrmacht, of course.
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I have just been reading a book on the 3rd div, Monty's ironsides from Dunkirk to Berlin ww11.

    An interesting quote from one of the battalion int officers went something like this..."We managed to capture xxx town before the BBC had announced it", seems little changes.
  5. When exactly did reporting the news become making the news ?

    In the North of Ireland the scum from the press paid kids to stone the army patrols, fact not gossip. I lived with a newspsper hackette for ages[in the UK] and some of the s**t reporters got up to was almost criminal.Panorama recently tried to make out the GSHQ did not forward info before some bombings in N.I. but twisted the video to show the use of technology that had not been invented at the time
  6. What I believe about reporting is a reporter is giving the masses one individuals read on any given circumstance.

    I find that if they are given information that contradicts what the reporter is trying to sell to us then it will simply be edited out. Helping with their biased report.

    I dislike them with a vengance. No such beast as an unbiased reporter.
  7. Slightly off Omaha, as a topic, but in line with crap reporting. I was watching BBC news when they reported that a train had derailed in Scotland. In a short space of time the train was reported to be carrying either diesel, petrol or aviation fuel. When the senior fire officer spoke, he was quite lucid and gave a full account of the fact that the train consisted of five wagons, and they contained aviation fuel, also that the situation was well under control. Some plank of a reporter thrust a mike into his face and asked, "So, if there were more carriages involved you would not be able to control the situation!" He just looked at her, and you could see the thought going through his mind, "Who is this ********?"
  8. I recently read a book called 'Gotcha' by Robert Harris. All about the Falklands and the rush to get journalists onboard the ships. Unfortunately, it was written by a journalist. So it was all dripping about how the Forces, especially RN did not want them around / onboard, then once they were onboard, how the RN would not allow them any Tx time to get their 'stories' out. Oh dear how sad! Even I know that there is/was a lot of problems with comms from down south. Also, I would imagine that all the Task Force ships had MUCH better things to do with their comms than to let the great unwashed loose on it. And don't even start on the obvious OPSEC problems.

    I await comments, confirmation or abuse!!!
  9. Story confirmed. I wasn't there, but friends who were said that quite often the satcom would go tits just as jouno started his piece. Strangely the system came back online just after the ship ran out of transmission time!

    Keep Striving
  10. It's nice to find a forum so warm and welcoming of journalists. :D

    Yes, most hacks are quite stupid, they certainly know little if anything about the military and can get right on yer t*ts...

    ... but, sometimes you have to ask that stupid question "how do you feel?" simply to elicit a response. A simple tip: just precis your question with "You'll forgive my stupid question, but...", "please forgive my asking, but..." (Another handy hint: if you're asking a woman's age, guess it, knock five-ten years off and they'll be flattered :thumbleft: Unless you do it, and you're still over and then they're not happy... :lol: )

    Ref: the Falklands, the hacks did have a point. What's the use of inviting the media aboard and then not permitting them to file their stories? It's like being invited to a party and not being allowed to drink.

    And look it from our viewpoint. How many times have you seen military types, especially officers, give good quotes when they do face the cameras. Not often. It's all "step change in capability" this, "power projection" that, rather than "this is a Gucci bit of kit".

    Whilst we can bemoan the state of the 'meeja' today (and I do), unless you play the game, you'll get no coverage whatsoever and people will start asking: "what's the navy for?" next time Whitehall's looking to wield an axe somewhere...

  11. Thats easy!!!

    Tying up alongside Fountain Lake Jetty!
  12. Funny, even though it was a spoof, it still managed to annoy me. One thing that was missing was an “armchair expert†speculating on what the next Allied move would be and how the assembly of the second Wave was shaping up.
  13. Thanks for the link. Rings true for the MOD as much as the US DOD...

    As a former embed, I can echo the sentiments of the author. You don't crap on your own doorstep...

    I'd like to say things have improved since that article was written, but IMHO they are far worse. :( Alles scheisse...

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