Criminals repent

In light of recent activities surrounding our MP's the criminal fraternatiy have also published a reply.

John 'The Hammer' Boyle speaking from his cell in D wing HMP ...........
was quoted as saying:
I and my fellow felons would like to sincerly apologise for all the hurt and outrage we have caused through years of stealing,assaulting and generally doing things to people that wasnt nice.
This was an oversight on our part and no malice or fraud was intended.
We now realise that what we did was wrong and offer to pay back all that we have nicked over the years etc.

John the Rapist said: I didnt realise that thoses women that I did (23 of them) didnt want me to do it and I thought they was gagging for it.
I now know they didnt want me to have it off with them and hopefully they will forgive me and I can go back to living a normal life.

Harry 'The Nonce' Patterson speaking from his luxury villa in Cataluna also said: I intend to pay back all £35 million that what me and the boys stole from Heathrow,it was wrong of us and we thought it was just there for us to help us selves as it was just lying around in a secure lock up.

They all agreed how disgusted they were with the MP scandal and that prompted them to speak out.

Hopefully the courts will now over turn all their convictions as they didnt mean to do it,honestly.

As if it would ever happen :lol:

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