Criminal Record?


Hey Guys,

I had a search for joining up with a criminal record and found a few threads here that said any record will come up in the security questionnaire.

I am thinking about joining up but am unsure whether or not I would be accepted as I do have a bit of a record, mainly assaults and breaches of bail conditions.

I do know of a couple of guys that have joined up without declaring any charges which is why I'm asking do they check every single record or is it worth taking the chance if its pretty much a polite no if they are declared?

Mate as a re-join i got done for drink driving and i declared mine. If you dont and they find out then you are gonna be in even more trouble. As long as it is spent you should be fine, but ask your AFCO
No doubt the resident AFCO's on here will be about soon enough

but I'm sure they will say you need to be honest about stuff, no point in hiding if you get found out that you lied you could get discharged.

They will provide you with more details. But to be honest the RN doesn't want dishonest people, Jack would no doubt rather serve with those who honest about their past than those who lie, it's a trust thing IMO


Yeah I know what you're saying about the trust thing, But then everyone has done something in the past haven't they? Just wondering if it was worth the chance to put the past behind and try and move on in the RN.

Daffy, I don't think the charges are spent as far as I'm aware a custodial sentence is unspent for 10 years.


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Just be honest about it, if you're found out that will cast alot of doubt over your integrity and you'll be disciplined.

If its a minor or spent offence then there's nothing to worry about anyway. BE HONEST!!
How times have changed. Up until the time Higgy joined up the RN was still accepting former guests of Her Majesty's Borstals as Pig Fodder. It seems to have died out sometime during the late 1950s. Alternately the Admiralty may have stopped submitting Returns to Parliament about these things so that might explain the dearth of post 1950s records in the National Archives.... or they may have got "mislaid". :roll:


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I think as long as they are Spent conviction, then there is nothing to worry about as long as you declare it to the AFCO and on your security check
it is 7 years for short custodials (3 1/2 if under 18 at time of offence) or 10 years for sentences over 6 months.
Have alook at this link for more details.
However, I would discourage anyone from 'not declaring' in the hope they wont check. Depending on the branch you join / job you want to do you may undergo Security Vetting and it will come out then.


Cheers for that site AuldYin I'll have a look on it and see what the script is.

In regards to the branch/job I would go for, If I was to join I was thinking somewhere around the lines of an AET

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