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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by leeblease, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. I have spent the last three years trying to join the mob.

    I got arrested almost three years ago for at a football match for a section 4 public order offence, (basically for gesticulating at opposing fans), and was convicted on the lesser charge of section 5 public disorder and fined £200. Admitedly i was guilty.

    I went to my local AFCO to apply for the RN and was told that under the Criminal Rehabilitation of Offenders Act i was ineligible to apply for 5 years, because I had been fined. However I could appeal after 2 1/2 years.

    My 2 1/2 years are now up and I am looking forward to seeing what happens after christmas.

    What really annoys me is the fact that had i committed the offence at any other event than a football match, i would not of been arrested and subsequently prosecuted. Football has its own set of laws.

    My local AFCO took this into consideration and was very understanding. He went out of his way to try and help me, but unfortunatley for me his hands were tied. I was advised to "Keep my nose clean" I have not being to a football match since.

    I agree that there has to be some legislation for the rehabilitaion of offenders. Under current system the rehabilitation period is based on the imposed sentence, this does not always reflect the true nature of the crime, I feel it should be made on an individual basis.

    Has anyone else suffered any similar problems?
  2. If you had been a football player and did the same thing on the pitch you wouldn't face any criminal charges. As a player you can kick, punch and headbutt another player and you wouldn't get arrested. Try that as a fan.

    OK, so a player would face disciplinary charges from the FA, get a fine which he can easily afford, get a ban for a few games but he wouldn't end up in court.
  3. I was arrested and fined twice for armed trespass due to the fact that poaching was my hobby. It would probably be different these days? armed police screaming put down your weapon and walk towards us slowly crap.

    I kept quiet and let it be known when I was on phase two about my past criminal record. Why should Lord Shite have all that land I used to think to myself. Plus we had a family to feed no state hand outs in the sixties compered with today.

    Such joy they have a recruit who could actually live of the land and pass on his skills to others. Avoiding detection was a skill not yet learned. It was the same when asked who has fired a rifle I said nothing! The way I fired a twelve bore was something else silly looking but effective. When I explained it was the way I fired my twelve I was asked why I did not step forward when asked who had fired a rifle before. A twelve is not a rifle I explained.

    That cost me a three mile run for being a smart ass. Later I became a member of the bootie shooting team and my polished trophy still sits on the mantlepiece.

  4. Bloody pikeys :)
  5. What a green rub! I beat for a very reputable West Country shoot and, believe it or not, since the anti hunting mob became so vociferous, on one occasion, the police arrived to check the licences of the guns! (they don't turn up on 'Beaters Day' however because they know that they will get a good ignoring). I do like your response about a twelve bore not being a rifle though - nice one! I keep my freezer topped up with game - most legal, but some, I suspect not - that ain't wrong - it's living off the land; it will only end up as somebody's pest or road kill anyway.
  6. Very simple a shot gun with a barrel length of 24 inches or more is a shot gun and requires only a shot gun licence.

    A rifle of any type which is not automatic is a Section 1 fire and will require a Fire Arms licence.

    Any autmatic weapon or shot gun with a barrel length of less than 24 inches or I think has since been added pump action shot guns are prohibited weapons for which you will not be issued a licence.

  7. What about air rifles?
  8. Dunks if it excedes 12ft lbs it becomes a Fire arm, with all that that entails.
  9. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    True, but even if it's below 12ft lbs, carrying a loaded air rifle within 15m of a public highway is a fire arms offence, believe me been there!
  10. In certain circumstances so can lighting a Bonfire within 50 feet of a public highway. It really depends if you bring yourself to attention.


  11. The Laws keep getting added to --a shot gun is a smooth bore gun and barrel length 24 inches minimum
    Pump action shotguns can be issued on a shot gun certificate if they are
    magazined as 3-shot
    Semi auto and 5 shot pump action shotguns are firearms.
    Semi auto rifles in .22 rim fire are allowed on a Fire arm certificate

    The laws of sport shooting are a mine field --I advise anyone shooting Air Rifle , Shotgun or Firearm to keep within those laws . The local Police can usually give good info and also the Home Office web site.

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