Criminal record question?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by foster1984, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. I have read the factual careers advice thread at the top of the page, but figured I would ask for a generalisation any way.
    I have been thinking of joining the navy for some time and went in to apply a few weeks ago, filled out the forms etc. This was spurred on by being fired from my previous employ for breach of policy, for moving money between tills for till balances without managerial supervision.
    However it turns out that since then some money was found to be missing, I was blamed and could not provide any evidence to the contrary (I would like to state I did not take it, although not my dream job I did enjoy it and it paid my way in life while I got my career sorted, I had worked there 9 years in a position of trust and maintain that if the company was trying to downsize I would have been kept on as it was common pratice to move money in that way regardless of the policy) and I have been been charged & given a community service order by the local magistrates court. This will remain on a criminal record for 5 years before it is spent.
    So what I need to know is can I join still after I have done my community service or do I need to wait 5 years for it to leave my record?
    Any advice would be appreciated my local navy office isn't open until the 4th and I'm really worried this will affect my career in the navy, as was trying to join as officer. I will also be appealing the courts decision, but due to lack of evidence my solicitor isn't hopeful.
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Generally speaking the full 5 years rehabilitation from date of conviction must be completed before you may apply - however it's worth nipping into the AFCO to establish specifically when you may apply.

    The fact remains that unfortunately the courts are full of innocents, but the proof of guilt is supposedly the burden of the prosecution, not the other way around.

    Those with criminal convictions for dishonesty cannot join the Logistics or Medical specialisations.
  3. The prosecution could provide evidence that money had gone missing on the day I had done the transfer and I couldn't prove it could not have been me. So magistrates charged me as such. Hopefully appeal will work.

    It was logistics I was applying for as an officer due to my age (25), so I guess I will now ask to move to warfare as a rating, if appeal is unsuccessful. How quickly can people move up the ranks?

    I really hope I do not have to wait 5 years, due to some witch hunt by my old employ!
  4. You do not have to prove it was not you, that is the point of what Ninja was saying.
    The prosecution have to prove "Beyond reasonable doubt "it was you.

    Me and my oppo were both at the exact location at the right time that the little girl Margaret Reynolds disappeared from Aston in Birmingham way back in the 60's,( the A34 murders Diana Tift as well) We were both interviewed on more than one occasion.
    It did not make us guilty of a crime.
    They surely could not convict you because you had opportunity, if that were the case most of us would be convicted of something or other.?
  5. If I had done it I would not be here asking how to join navy, I would be at solicitors asking how to avoid punishment.

    The prosecution could show money was missing, all I could do was say I hadn't taken it. It was cash that was missing. Even I have to admit that looks bad. I'm not blaming police or magistrates, Im blaming my old employer for not exploring other possiblities and just blaming a convienent scape-goat to recoupe losses.

    & as I said I am appealing the decision.
  6. And heaven forbid being a WAFU with an empty shadow board slot...
  7. I don't know what that means??
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Air Engineers must account for all tools before & after working on aircraft - a missing tool stands out on a shadow board. We would not wish to employ dishonest individuals who work on aircraft for obvious reasons.
  9. Under English law you can only appeal if you believe the trial was somehow mishandled, not because you don't like the verdict. Well, that's what I understand and stand, for once in my life, to be corrected.
    Plus, why if you know you are innocent stop at a magistrates court? Why not go on to a jury trial? If the evidence is as weak as stated it wouldn't get beyond the first hearing.
  10. I know very little about how our legal system works. I was just told by my solicitor that I would have scope to appeal the magistrates decision due to the limited scope of evidence (eg: they can prove money went missing and that I had opportunity but not specifically the I took it, it just looks like I took it!). But he has told me not to hold by breath as they can prove money went on the same day I move money unsupervised and I can't account for it.

    My main reason for coming here was to find put where that stood me with regard to the navy, if the magistrates wasn't overturned.
    I now know I can not go into logistics as planned, and may have to wait 5 years. But the 5 years may not apply?

    Have I read the advice correct?
  11. mm I find it hard to believe that they convicted you on such flimsy evidence. Surely you are not telling us the whole story? Our courts criminal work on the basis of finding guilt if it is 'beyond reasonable doubt' or whatever the phrase is that they now use. On the face of what you have told us, it does not sound like this is the case.
  12. I thought circumstantial evidence wasn't enough for a conviction, and that you would have needed to be caught with the money on your person or some other hard evidence proving beyond all reasonable doubt that you pinched it to be charged? Then again I know crap all about the legal system so that's probably wrong. Enlighten me if so.

    edited to make more sense.
  13. 8) I must seek the relief of confession;- :evil: I have a criminal record. It's "Deck of cards" by Max Bygraves. 8)
  14. FOSTER 1984.

    After hearing all the evidence, it is the verdict of the RR court of justice and Kangaroos, that you the accused were guilty of an act to the prejudice of good order and contrary to the theft act.

    In that you did stick your finger in the till.
    It is the decision of this court that you be sentenced to suffer a penetration in your anus by the insertion of a rag mans trumpet.
    It is further decreed that you be pulled through with a Christmas tree and then to be purged by the insertion of a 4" branch pipe up your Harris with a pressure of 80psi until such a time as your eyes water. 8O :cry:

    You may decline the proffered punishment, and opt to throw yourself on the mercy of justice Jonno Jonno, and may god, no seriously may god have mercy on your asre hole. :oops: :roll: :wink: :D
  15. Huh! typical of modern so called justice, you let them off so lightly - Enraged of Harpenden.
  16. I hate being a moderate, but my hands are tied.

    Yes that b*stard JJ came around earlier and jumped me. 8O :D :wink:

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