Crime Pays.... but only if you're not a man

I found the CSA to be as much use as a chocolate fireguard when trying to extract money out my ex. They knew where he was, what he did for a living, how much he earned and they still couldn't screw anything out of him, then gave up after 3 months.

Maybe some of the women really don't know who the father is, in which case they should try keeping their legs together and not name some poor innocent bloke. They give the rest of us bringing up children, on our own a bad name.
Interesting article. I think at least the woman should be made to pay for the test if she is proved wrong. For there to be no punishment for the wrong accusation seems unfair.

I also feel that the CSA is unfair to a point because regardless of how much they demand from the father; the mother only recieves a set amount (wich is usually less) anyway.
Alot of young girls now tend to do the little trick of having a kid and live on benefits, thats why Im carefull who I go with, problem is alot of men are nobs and dont like to bring theyre own kids up, my sister (half sister) well her dad never paid a penny, my dad had to bring her up and when my mum split with him then he still paid! some guys just are pathetic, it should not be down to CSA... obviously they cannot do much, so as somebody said, girls should keep there legs together if they cannot afford a kid...... if ya breed em make sure ya can feed em!

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