Crime doesn't pay?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Pitfirrane, Dec 5, 2007.

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    So now you have it, politicians have created the precedence that it's OK to break the law (unintentially) so why not pardon all the 'can pay won't pay' citizens who refused to pay the poll tax?
  2. Not exactly a fair representation of the article is it?

    Is it really sensible to still be chasing down possible debts more than 14 years after the fact? How much is that process costing the taxpayer?

    The statute of limitations applies to other areas, why not this?
  3. I am no expert on the statute of limitations, but has this not something to do with evidence?

    All these people are quite proud of their unlawful behaviour it's just that the local mafia who have run Scottish politics unchallenged for over 60 years had no will to pursue. Maybe that now this situation is changing, with some Labour fiefdoms losing power to other parties and or coallitions that the proposal is being 'suggested' to protect yer ain.
  4. One law for The Establishment another for ordinary mortals.
  5. It has, I'd question why there are still outstanding debts after at least fourteen years, and wtf are those responsible for this actually doing with their time. If they haven't compiled enough evidence to recover the money after fourteen years then they're unlikely to do so now anyway.

    The article does draw attention to the fact that in England these debts are written off after six years.

    Well I'm no fan of the overgrown Edinburgh parish council, and I'm no fan of big government at all, but I'd hesitate to see conspiracies around every corner. Personally I'm not all that keen on seeing public money p!ssed away on futile exercises.
  6. Statute of limitations in England and Wales is between 3-12 years depending on what you are talking about (3 for personal injury, 12 for mortgage debts with other things in between).

    Scotland are so proud to have a different legal system aren't they! Then let them live with a different statute of limitations.
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