Crimbo Cheer for Service Personnel

Some of us 'bl00dy matelot' intruders to ARRSE have been involved with this campaign to save some service personnel and their families from a dismal Christmas and provide a few comforts for those being treated at Selly Oak. It's now grown like Topsy. Do have a look and bring your salt-stained, moth-filled wallets with you.
This campaign was started two days ago by an ARRSE Moderator called 'minister_doh_nut' to provide sufficient funds to prevent a disabled serviceman (limb lost in action) and his family from being homeless over Christmas. It was not intended to replace established Service charities but to provide an instant fix to solve an urgent problem. The initial requirement on Sunday 9 Dec was for £1,750 to pay for a bond and rent in advance for a flat. Within 36 hours, around £6k had been donated by ARRSE members.

Although the original need has been satisfied, this campaign has grown to include support for other Service people and their families in similar circumstances over Christmas. It has also spread to include the supply of iPods, used laptops, computer game machines, games and videos etc., for injured personnel being treated at Selly Oak and elsewhere. There are also plans afoot to lay the foundation for something more long term. An embryo website has been set up (today!) at showing methods of payment but this will be developed to contain more details. The rest is up to you.

I read somewhere recently that a huge proportion of the homeless in London comprise ex-service people. This shouldn't be allowed in our country and, if we have anything to do with it, it won't be.
PinkMafiosi said:
Thanks - I'll do something.

Now, this is going to be difficult to say without sounding like a twat, but wouldn't there be any benefit in tying up with HelpOurHeroes. They seem to have similar aims
I think you may mean Help for Heroes? Like many others, I've contributed to this too and suspect some tie-up may happen once the dust has settled. One of the ARRSE campaign organisers is visiting Selly Oak today to coordinate matters and find out their specific needs. In the meantime, this campaign seems to have captured the imagination of ARRSE members and is harnessing a spontaneous groundswell of generosity for the benefit of less fortunate Service people and their families this Christmas and possibly thereafter. I'm sure it's complementary to all the other charity work going on so let's ride it while it lasts.
It would be useful if any dark blue contributing to the ARRSE campaign also sticks a one-liner in this thread. We don't want the Pongoes having it all their own way, do we?
Naval_Gazer said:
... I read somewhere recently that a huge proportion of the homeless in London comprise ex-service people. This shouldn't be allowed in our country and, if we have anything to do with it, it won't be.
Too true. My sister worked with homeless people in the 1990s and met many ex-servicemen who'd fallen on hard times. Most had joined as boys and, having no experience of living outside the forces as adults, couldn't cope when they left. It's very easy though. Just remember Rincey's recollections of what happened to him when he left the Army.
Here is the latest sitrep by minister_doh_nut on the relevant ARRSE thread:

Sitrep as at 18:00 hrs

Carlisle dude, now has a houseshare sorted in addition to the other, he moves in Sunday afternoon. He is at a B&B until then.

Viro Bono visited Sellyoak yesterday afternoon and mentioned our idea of PSPs, Nintendos etc, but apparently they are in plentiful supply.

It was suggested that we sponsor a visitor / family room within the building for parents / families of injured troops to use..... This has been agreed by the COs and will be proposed to Sellyoaks probably tomorrow

At the minute its just a shell of a room within an old victorian building. Requiremtents, etc have yet to be made clear to me, but I'm imagining beds, wardrobes, TV, that sort of thing, along with carpets, curtains, etc and of course a plaque on the door with 'Sponsored by Army Rumour Service' written on in.

My initial thought was that it was a fantastic idea and something permanent and ongoing....... Then I got greedy and thought 'If we have one at Sellyoak, why don't we have one at Headley court?' but that will come in time.

There is enough in the takings so far to do it...... I will put a spread sheet of balances out tonight and give a grand total later on, along with what's been spent so far.

Take it from me folks, this is very very worthwhile, two families are now out of danger and having a Christmas, with security, gifts and decent scran, and we've plucked a lad off the streets, given him work, a roof, clothes and a sense of worth again..... add that to the possibilty of a sponsored room in Sellyoak and I'm fully erect!

I might be a cnut, but I've been a bit of a wet cnut today and that guy's medals had me choked for a good while.

Keep pumping the wonga folks!!

All this in three days........ Lets invade France
Okay, so where's the RN input to all of this then? Not very prominent by the look of this thread. This campaign will end up benefitting ALL service personnel so let's get behind it. Make your contributions via the payment options on Every little helps.
Latest sitrep on this worthy 'instant fix' Christmas campaign from minister_doh_nut on the relevant ARRSE thread. Note that the third case is an ex-Bootie.

First case:
£1000 Bond
£750-Rent in advance
£375-Kids chrimbo (toys R us)
£50-So he can get his doris a bottle of perfume

(an amount of spending money yet to be assigned)

Second case:
£400-kids chrimbo (toys R us)
£100-Tescos, Xmas dinner on us
(SSAFA stopped eviction etc)

Third Case:
£32- Phone and credit
£196- Clothes & suit etc
£110- 4 nights BnB
£300- Rent up front
£250- Room bond
£80- To redeem his medals
£14- His train ticket home
£25- Dhobie kit, toilettries and writing kit etc
£150- set aside for baby equipment if his girlfriend will allow
£25- An enormous steak and a pint (his first in god only knows)
£25- cash in his hand

Total- £4342.00

Its estimated that the refurbishment of the room at Sellyoak will be in the region of £3k but we have people in the furniture, decorating and carpet business on the boards who can contribute, meaning there maybe money to do a second room, or look at Headly Court to do the same.... Alternatively, Viro-bono has a couple of ideas Re MDHUs etc.. but that will come shortly.

I've been sent an email this afternoon from a couple of totally separate issues regarding blokes in the sh1t..... they are being looked into now and will report back in the morning.
Over £7k raised since last Sunday. Make your contributions via the payment options on Every little helps.

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