Cricket joke


An inner city school with a class of over 40 kids. The lesson is History and the teacher asks the children to tell him the story behind famous quotes from the past.

"Who said: 'There is time to finish the game and beat the Spanish as well'?" No reaction, apart from little Ahmed who sticks his hand up. "Yes, Ahmed," says the teacher.
"Sir Francis Drake, Spanish Armada,1588."

"Absolutely right, well done. Next quotation. 'England expects that every man will do his duty.' Anyone?" Again, nothing...apart from Ahmed who has his hand up and is wriggling in his seat with his keenness to answer.
"Yes, Ahmed?"
"Admiral Lord Nelson, Battle of Trafalgar, 1805."

"Absolutely right, Ahmed, well done. Someone else answer this next one. Who said: 'We shall fight them on the beaches...'?" Nobody. Not a hand up. Apart from little Ahmed whose hand is up again. Teacher looks around and eventually has to ask Ahmed to answer.
"Winston Churchill, Second World War, 1940."

At this point an unidentified voice from the back row calls out:
"Why don't you ******* shut up, you **** ****?" The teacher is outraged at this and shouts out: "Who said that?", and quick as a flash Ahmed says:
"Mike Gatting, Second Test Match, Faisalabad, 1987."

Edited to avoid prosecution for racist remarks. Just guess what the asterisks replaced.
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Ah, a clue is needed. Nothing to do with colour, but an abbreviation concerning nationality, in particular an area between Afghanistan and India.