Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by janner, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Well Friday has come and gone, have I missed Creddy's post on how it went, or has anyone heard from him???
  2. He says he'll PM me too and hasn't yet! Maybe he's posted and we haven't found it?
  3. The guy's a walt ffs.
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There was a remark from him on a couple of days ago but apart from that I don't think he has posted since the thursday before he was due to go the recruiting office
  5. Don't worry about Credders. he's from Wales and has probably scored.
    Someone mention sheep?
  6. If I go to Wales I hope I don't stir his porridge! :grin:
  7. I mentioned quite a while back that something is not quite right, read all his posts.
  8. How is he a Walt? He's just someone who wants to make good of himself and is looking to you guys to give him some input! He doesn't have a job so has a fair bit of time to come on here and do a lot research. There's nothing 'not right' about being in the recruitment process. It's not even worth lying about. He's taken his time in applying, mostly because of getting his army discharge papers, partly because he wants to get it right and is very self-deprecating of his abilities. Let him be, the mob could do with people who actually want to give it a good go, instead of the scum that i keep seeing in the AFCO.
  9. A few posts ago Credders was worried that he had a holiday arranged and was worried that it might affect his joining date.
    I reckon he's probably on his two week holiday.
    Didn't come over as a walt to me.
  10. Not a Walt, just very eager and this seems to piss some off!

    I had a PM, he's got his aptitude test date.
  11. Like your style Snaps!
    Didn't come across to me as a walt either. Just a lad who's a bit unsure of himself and needs some encouragement. Unfortunately any advice I would be able to give is about half a century out of date, so will watch from the sidelines and just wish him all the best.

  12. I think he just needs our well wishes, as he is obviously very intelligent and more than capable of getting into and through basic. I know he appreciates any advice, old or new! ;)
  13. In any event, I thought his signature was Creddly - with an L.

  14. It is Creddly, but i'm sure he'll be ok with it :)

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