Creddly's just got back from the AFCO thread.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ninja_Stoker, May 8, 2007.

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  1. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Thought I'd start the thread for you mate, so's you can give us all the gory details...... (Hope it went OK)
  2. It's a good job I've got good news or I'd look a right twat with this thread being opened for me lol only kidding mate - cheers!!! :D

    YEP you heard me I PASSED! :D :D :D :D :D

    Not gonna give it rokola and celebrate too much as there is still along way to go and this is just the first hurdle!

    Got in 10 minutes early despite menacing traffic jams on the way down!

    Went into the test, sat down and he went through it all with us and at each part of the test I started off slow whilst everyone else was zooming through (Could hear their pencils scraping the paper) and I was panicking and worrying that I'm dull and not good enough and all these people around me were better than me, etc all the usual BS thoughts that infect my mind but as I got answering questions I soon caught up as my confidence raised!!

    After the test finished, we were told to bugger off for an hour and come back at 12pm for the results.

    Got back with 2 mins to spare and the one single girl that was with us had already gone in for her results. I could hear the boys muttering that they must be getting all us who failed out of the way and they were right - she came out with a sulk on and thought 'poor girl' and that confirmed they were getting us out of the way who had failed (Or so I thought), then the Officer called me in and sat me down and she said I looked petrified and I indeed was and I had been sweating profusely!

    Anyway I sat down and I said 'Go on, let's have the bad news then, let's get it over and done with' and laughed and she laughed and said 'what bad news?'. She said I had done better than I think!

    And then she told me I'd passed and the relief washed over me in the most exhilarating way but there was a 'but' and I thought instantly that it's going to be 'But you haven't passed the grade for Weapons Engineering and we can offer you a logistics job' or something or other. But the 'but' was, I needed my birth cert for Friday which is when my interview is with the Chief Petty Officer. She said I was lucky I had been in the Army or I wouldn't have been able to sit the test because the passport is out of date so that doesn't count as a form of identity - so only the driving license would have been sufficient but because they had me previous service docs, they knew who I was! lol

    Gotta go back down tomorrow for an eye-test in Spec-Savers which I'm a bit nervous about but shouldn't be as my eyes are fine and correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think I'm made a typo in this entire wall of text.

    So that's about it really!

    Just got to get the other steps out of the way now!

    Like I said, it's a good thing I passed, but I'm by no means getting excited now as this is the very first hurdle!

    Thanks to all by the way who wished me luck on a previous thread I made earlier and thanks to Ninja for making this thread ready! It shows you guys really do care and for that I'm extremely grateful! :wink:
  3. They do the eye test in specsavers now?

    Creddly, I think everybody is really glad you've passed, but FFS do geton and get in. You really need to get pisse don a foriegn trip. You are clearly way way to stressed for somebody your age!
  4. Well done, but I think you need to work on the paper work and personal organisation.
  5. Alright mate,

    Congratulations on passing!!!! :wink:

    Well this is the hardest thing out of the way, you deserve to be slightly happy and you ARE allowed to give yourself a pat on the back. Did you find out how long the waiting list is for your trade? That can be a bit of a downer.

    I was told that i needed to wait 15mths for MA, it was this that pushed me towards MA(SM) as i had already been thinking about it in the first place.

    Go and get yourself a nice cold pint and drink it with a smile on your face pround in the knowledge that you have passed the hurdle which you was most scared about.

    Well done :p
  6. I agree with the two of you.

    My stress and worrying caused me to forget minor things like documents that could easily have been avoided if I hadn't been doing the interview questions before I even got to that stage.

    Sweeny - lol you'd be saying a lot worse than 'too stressed' if you'd seen me today. I was an absolute bath of sweat. I got home and had to peel my shirt off! lol

    Oh yeah and why is it that I was the only one with my hair styled, shoes shined, shaved, suited and tied and all the others were in jeans with their boxers showing, hair scraggly and untouched, unshaven and basically a mess?
  7. Hi mate. Thank you very much!!!

    Yes you're right that the test was the most worried I was.

    For somebody with the worst confidence in the world, the interview doesn't seem to stress me for some reason and I'm actually looking forward to it!

    Oh and my chosen trade, the officer said, could be up to 4 months of waiting and I'm sure she said from taking this test today or she might have meant from getting the all clear on the security, I really don't know but I do know that the figure 4 months was thrown out there.
  8. hi
    congrats mate, I knew you could do it! so you got the trade that you wanted fanstic! just the interview , medical, PJFT, RNAC (if you want to) to go. the interview is easy just remember there human to.
    The med shoulden't be a prob for you, ( I hope) PJFT it is done on a treadmill i would suggest you get some time in on it! security should be relatively fast for you as you have prior service ( mind took about 3 weeks mind you i had 7yrs service behind me) it's up to you on the RNAC. I'm on it later on this month!
    I'm glad that it has gone well for you.

  9. Thanks Ship_Rat!

    The interview genuinely isn't bothering me, but I'm a bit worried about the fitness, but I'm making sure I go nearly every day now!

    What's "RNAC"?

    I understand it's optional but don't know what it is lol! - Is it HMS Caledonia?

    Thanks again :D
  10. You were suited and booted because you did it right. It's easy being a slob. Congrats.
  11. hi
    yes it is HMS caledonia.
    as for the running don'f for get to rest! I used to run one day, swim the next rest the third. your muscles need time to recop.
    good luck :D

  12. Was that typo deliberate? :wink:

    You must be really pleased, just take a deep breath, congratulate yourself and move forward with a positive attitude! This milestone will do wonders for your self confidence, you can do anything now mate. Well done :)
  13. Told you, you would walk it, well done!
  14. Well done lad

  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Phew, glad you passed mate well done!

    (It's almost as if I knew....)
  16. Congratulations
    Sure you'll be fine with everything else
  17. HEY creddly welldone you have passed good luck. Im next to do the test what are the questions like how can i practice them and was it easy?
  18. Well done Credders. :wink:

    That's the biggest hurdle over, if you're as enthusiastic as you sound you'll have no problem with the interview. After that it's down to your fitness...and that's it!
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Well done Creds 8O
  20. Cheers ex-ex!

    If I pass, I’ll definitely give Cally a go!

    I’ll probably be giving myself a rest every 4 days or something.

    Is it advisable to start swimming now?

    Well spotted Snappy - no it wasn’t deliberate at all! lol

    The only one I made and it’s on the sentence where I point out I haven’t made any – how ironic.

    Yes I’m very pleased I passed and I’m glad I’ve done that stage because it seems like it’s going to be the hardest!

    I feel more confident now that I’ve passed this, definitely!

    Thanks again Snappers!

    You were right mate lol

    Cheers Mikh ;)

    Cheers Nutty!

    Lol You must be psychic and you even had the thread laid out ready! I’m just glad I had a good result to put in! lol

    Thanks again Ninja!

    Cheers Gazza mate and good luck to you too! I’m sure you’ll walk it – especially if I can! lol

    Thanks Chicogiz!

    The questions can be hard if you let them be. You just have to be confident and think straight and don’t let doubt cloud your thoughts. I did early on in the test and this is how I panicked! But I took control of myself and told myself I could do them, and I did! I’m sure you’ll be fine!

    There are 4 sections with 30 questions in each. Reasoning, Literacy, Numeracy and Mechinical Comprehension.

    You have 9 minutes for Reasoning and Literacy, 10 minutes for Mechanical Comprehension and 16 minute for Numeracy.

    You’ll get a practice booklet with some questions in and I would upload a screenie of some of the questions from my practice booklet, but I don’t know if it’s allowed.

    Common sense would say ‘yes’ because you get them given at AFCO anyway but just incase :D

    Cheers Chris mate!

    You’ve been one of the many great helps, just like everyone above!

    I think if I get past the interview, I’ll be fine. Just got to make sure I’m fully fit!

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