Creatine and the Navy

I don't think it's banned since it is widely available and not classed as an illegal substance.

Are you already in the RN? If so, then I don't think it's an issue, but one of the medical members might be able to confirm this.

If you're not in the RN yet, and you're taking it as a fitness supplement, then you'll get enough training when you join without needing creatine. If you are taking it for a medical condition such as a muscular disease, then you'd need to speak to a medical officer prior to joining.
I have recently applied, allready had my medical (before I was using it). I just dont want to be in a situation where I turn up for training then get booted because I test positive for drugs on a medical (dont know if this can happen with creatine).

Currently I have just started taking it as a health supplement for muscle training but will stop if needs be.

Ok thanks alot for the advice, and no im not using any illegal drugs! lol
I wasnt intending using whilst training anyway.

cheers blimy
A mate of mine who i joined up with a fair few years ago uses it, all the time in fact, too much the fact hes got the nickname roids amond his new mess mates.
have fun
One teaspoon is equal too seven 8oz sirloin steaks, it comes from animal protein, so be careful you dont end up with BSE !!!!!!! :lol:

Why are you taking it, do you do body building or do you use it for muscle repair ?
I would be careful taking it long term, it can, I think have long term side affects on your joints, maybe some scab lifter would verify that.
I used to use it when I played Rugby, and there is no legal issues using creatine as it is a natural product, if there is such a thing !
it's not really relevat whether you are already in the mob, or hoping to join. it is legal and not a problem, you do not have to declare it at cdt either, HOWEVER... i used to take it myself, you need to realise that taking it for a long period of time WILL cause irreversible damage to your liver. read up on it (i cant remember the time scales)... i think you can take it for three months but then you need to allow the body to flush it out for a brief period before it does serious damage.... hope that helps
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