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Hi All,

I am applying to be a uniformed instructor with my local unit and have a query with the CRB,

i have 2 previous DD convictions, i dont think theyll be too bad but,

ive also got a caution for assault on a PC, i was drunk and pulled away when he grabbed my arm and i tapped another PC by accident and thats where it comes from. i understand the unit takes convictions into account and makes a decision but will HQ see this and bar me or will the unit have the say?



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IIRC and I will stand to be corrected on this, but its largely down to the unit when it comes down to acceptance of CRBs for matters you outlined above. If you were on the DBS list then you would not get a look in, SCC HQ would not countenance your application.

What will happen is your CRB gets done electronically, only takes a couple of days to do now, and you will get a copy of it, as well as a copy going to headquarters as they are the sponsors of the check. If your convictions are spent then they should not show up, so there should be no issue, all depends on how long ago they were.

If there is anything on your CRB it will be discussed with your Prospective CO and the Chairman of the unit and a decision made. You will get your chance to explain the circumstances around what happened. I have known of people with similar sort of charges taken on as lots of them were down to youthful high jinks under the influence. As long as it didn't involve swarfega, ball bearings and a zebra you should be okay.

Like I said at the start, I stand to be corrected but that has been my experience with CRBs

hope this helps
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