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Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by Captain Morgan, May 16, 2011.

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  1. Will a DD conviction fail you a CRB to become an AI?
  2. If you fail to declare it and it was recent, you probably won't be cleared. If you declare it as recent past history, consultation between HQ and the CO would decide your fate.

    You need to declare anything as it will be found; being an Enhanced check.
  3. EG to above;

    A while ago a cadet successfully passed his RT and entered HMForces. During this application stage he also applied to become staff in the SCC (min age 18 ) and despite having his plate-full with his recruit course, it actually worked out nicely as during the first year he had no attendance committment to the unit.
    What he failed to tell the SCC CO about during his application was his arrest for a minor motoring offence and air rifle offence whilst in his early teens. This was revealed by the CRB to the SCC CO. Following discussion with lad it turned out that he hadn't told the AFCO either.

    Herein lies the devil. Were AFCO aware of this through their checks? Is the SCC CO obliged to inform the AFCO of her findings as she actually submitted the SCC Recommendation Form prior to his CRB return? His career could ultimately have been screwed.

    Incidentally, the guy never did complete his RMRC and is now a senior member of our unit staff.
  4. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    As R12 has posted, make sure you declare it from the outset. If it's quite old, it shouldn't really be a barrier. Convictions are not a barrier to becoming an AI, it all depends on what they are for of course. A conviction for masturbating furiously outside a school is a no-no, for obvious reasons. The decision will ultimately rest with your Colonel (or whatever you lot call them).
  5. Was that why Paul Gadd didn't get in then?
  6. Now I see why I got sacked from the crossing patrol, I thought it was because I asked the girls if they wanted to suck my lollipop.
    Never gave the muscle massage a thought.
  7. Turns out the old DD conviction didn't matter. OIC just said if you haven't touched or beaten any kids I couldn't care less if you robbed a bank...... which was handy for when the CRB comes in ;p

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