Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. What an idiot.
    Wet_Blobby was in the pub the night the bloke got pissed.
  2. This could have been a family out for the day and not the tree! Prat!

    Listening to the wireless :w00t: sorry radio ^_^; at breakfast over here in Ireland. Countryfolk complaining about the smoking ban hitting trade in the country pubs.

    One old timer complaining it is the drink driving I detest I drove home for many a year but now it is shite!

    Asked what he would drink each evening he stated eight pints and I would drive home safe and sound. Now the Gardai are all over the place feckers.

    BBQ I was at recently and it was noted that the young where all drinking soft drinks and was stated long long ago it was a different thing in them there days.
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Trevor was a cnut, yes I was in the pub, it's my local. He was a bit of a local hardman, bully, [email protected] but had redeeming features. He'd been on the p1ss all day long and had ended up in the white hart, he didn't start his pub crawl in there. The friend he had gone to see is a good friend of mine who trevor had kicked his front teeth in after finding farmer [email protected] his missus.....fair one really.

    He'd parked on double yellows outside the pub, the nieghbours of the pub had come in and asked him to move as he was blocking thier drive, trevor told them to go forth and multiply so they called the police...was there really a need to do this??

    The police turned up and it ended up in a reckless car chase, there was no need for this to happen, Trevor was well known to the police and they could have despatched a car to his home address to meet him there, but, he was drinking in somerset and lived in Devon so the suspicion is the local coppers wanted the "catch", there was a very big internal police inquiry after the incident with an outside police authority involved trying to establish what happened, it soon became apparant the police seemed more intent on covering there own failings than establishing the truth.

    RIP Trevor, your missus now has a very interesting line of work.
  4. Idiots who remove themselves from the gene pool are doing us a favour, pity he didn't do it off road--- he had the vehicle for it.
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    The Police removed him from the gene pool..(which he had quite handsomely added to) and he did end up off road.
  6. Sadly I'll never be out of work as this happens all the time.The youngsters seem to be a little more sensible these days as they value their cars and licences more.
    Shame he died even so.
    Life is unfortunately not a practice run.
  7. ""The Police removed him from the gene pool""

    How? Did the police force drink down his throat, did they make him drive a powerful car on B class roads while drunk ?. Did they tell him not to stop?..

    Nearly ever post on this site states how britain is in ruin, well if people started to take responsibility for their actions, instead of blaming everyone else for their lives then the country may be in a better state..

    It is unfortunate that the chap died, especially for his family, but it was his actions, no one elses that killed him...
  8. 4 Years 3 months since the Crash, the wheels of Inquest & justice grind exceedingly not at all. Time team should have been employed on this one.
  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    OK, I'll tell you why I think the police removed him, The police came into the pub, I was there and watched it, they knew he was drunk, they let him saunter into his car, never made any attempt to stop him, whilst knowing he was shite faced, let him drive off and then chased him. thats really stopping crime innet numb nuts.
  10. So the police have the power to stop people getting into cars? [/b]HE got into HIS car and drove away and failed to stop.. It wasn't the first time, he made the choice and knew the consequences.

    Trevor was well known to the police and they could have despatched a car to his home address to meet him there,

    So you knew he was p1ssed, and the police were there, but you'd rather they let him drive home and get him. Perhaps, if he was your chum, maybe you could have intervened, tried to stop him, inform the police of your concern that he was going to drive, do your duty as a responsible adult..

    I assure you any cop would rather do a stonewall Drink Driver than attend a fatal....(num nuts !!! I've never even met you...)

  11. Dont know the big picture but if you were there why didn't you/somebody else stop him?
  12. Do not know the full story/picture but wouldnt it of been easier to clamp/tow his vehicle
  13. Despite the tragic end to this in answer to your question no there wasn't because someone in the pub, one of his "friends" perhaps, could have calmed the situation or even moved the vehicle for him. They didn't and the taxpayer exercise his right to assistance from the Police, a fair one in my opinion. It seems strange that you should defend Trevor's actions at this stage when you describe him as a bully, and of course he had had a skinful.

    As I said tragic end for his family but as for him, drunk drivers are a menace and it is better they kill themselves than an innocent driver or pedestrian.

  14. Crash victim got his wish then. It would have been a hell of a lot more tragic if he'd taken a family of four with him. If you've go a death wish then string yourself up....die all you want.....don't involve innocents! TWAT!!!!
  15. Having read the posts from those who knew the guy I don't think that the world has suffered a great loss
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    The world has not suffered a sad loss with Trevors death, The only point I'm making is the police could have interveened before having a reckless car chase, I seem to remember the police having the power to take car keys of p1ssheads if they show the intent to drive.

    I dont want to fall out with anyone over trevors death, as I stated earlier I thought he was a cnut, it just so happens I know a little bit more about this story than most....especially the journo who wrote the article.
  17. W-B

    1. If had not been the arrogant bullying shit he sounds then he would have moved his car in the first place or one of his mates would have done so.
    2. He did not have to drive, his call.
    3. He could have stopped at anytime.
    4. He could have worn a seat belt.
    5. He could have been a better drive than he obviously thought he was.

    Under no circumstances could the Police be at fault in this crash all the decisions were made by the deceased. If the Police had made no attempt to stop him and he had then caused an accident with a death or injuries then the Police would have questions to answer.

    Knowing similar characters to him from my 33 years in the murkier regions of London and using only on your description of him, the World is a better place without him.


    PS No I do not believe all human life is sacrosanct
  18. Nutty
    For once I believe we may be on common ground, something must be amiss
  19. Something that occurs to me is that the country public houses are not well served by public transport. Its all very well for the locals who can easily walk to the pub, but for those who live futher afield from a good pub the only affordable option really is to drive, or to find a tee-total friend to drive you!

    I don't know this chap in particular, so I refuse to make remarks about him. But I do know that he's not the only one on the roads who will still drink-and-drive, and he won't be the last to die.

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