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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wannabefpilot87, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. Well I've had a wank day, wrote my car off. I'm still a complete wreck. I'm lying in bed and I keep replaying what happened in my head. I've barely reversed into anything let alone hit another car. Horrible corner apparently the police knew it was icy. I lost control, span god knows how many times and ploughed into an audi on the other side of the road. At a combined speed of about 80. The girl was fine luckily and I'd missed hitting a tnt lorry by centimetres. Both cars are write offs and mine's almost unrecognisable. Police say i'm lucky to still be here and mum took one look at the car and burst into tears. So i' ve had a funfilled afternoon in Treliske getting checked over, and spending most of the day puking from the shock. So in short i feel shite, defintely a big wake up call. I don't want to keep replaying it in my head but I can't help it. :cry:
  2. Crashing your car sober is shite, I feel for you. It's no fun. Get completely shitfaced next time you get behind the wheel, you'll find stacking your motor big time hilarious, trust me.
  3. Could have been worse :?
  4. It could have, I lost my fcuking beret today.
  5. Try looking in the ice box. Shouldn't have left it loafing.
  6. I know the feeling. I managed to flip and roll three times in the air with my flying out of the passenger window on the way to work two years ago me landing in a gorse bush and the car upside down in a ditch with a river flowing through it.

    I got back in a car a few days later. You just have to get on with it. Count your blessings I know I did. When a witness says they could see the underneath of my car as it was vertical and me flying in the air. You know how lucky you are to be alive.

    Don't let it get to you too much, cars are just metal you aren't.
  7. Given you went to Treliske, and your 'location', I'm guessing you're from Fal, wannabepilot? Anyway, really sorry to hear that, but glad you're alright.
  8. Yes I am :-(

    It hasn't put me off driving. Glad the other girls alright, couldn't live with myself if she wasn't. Now i'm temporarily car-less i just feel lost.
  9. Why? Did your sat nav get smashed up too?
  10. Cliched as it may sound, chalk it up to life experience I reckon. Chin up :)
  11. Do you know what it was in my glove box, and i took it out before the car got recovered but haven't even checked it. When my little bro found out, his reply was well if you'd lost a limb you could always get one off an Indian you know. They would give one to you if you'd paid him. They'd give you their heart too but obviously they would die, but the money would go to their family. I couldn't help but laugh. Pure 14 year old genius.
  12. Good lad! Get him signed up!
  13. Nobody's been smeared, the car's replaceable.
    If the Old Bill aren't looking to nail you for it then I'd say things don't look so bad.
    Think of it as a heavy landing.
  14. There's a bloke on here lost his fcukin berry, the weathers cold he could catch flu or worse and all you can do is bitch about your fcukin car you selfish bitch.
    Tommo put his car in a stream, did we get fish posting their troubles?,no, no.
    Fcuk sake get a grip and prioritise, how me, me, me, can you get.
    What a b*stard I ask you...........
  15. It was my favourite beret eve. I'd shaved it and moulded it to perfection over years.

    I'm fcuking distraught. Now I have the choice of either getting one of the new unmouldable, horrid, fcuk off massive ones from stores that look like you have a giant blue sugarpuff on your head. Or Paying 15 beer tokens for a Dubora.

    Cars come and go but berets? Fcuks sake man.
  16. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Would you like a big hug?
  17. Wannabe ........I reiterate, selfish tw*t.
    I bet he/she would be the type to totally ignore a blokes misfortune over say loosing his favorite wanky pic just to blubber about some oppo getting raped or murdered. You can always get new oppo's for fcuk sake.
  18. This was my effort at crashing.

    Beat this:

  19. It wasn't too far off... there didn't seem to be much left in the bonnet, both headlamps disappeared, passenger side was wrecked and the whole thing crumpled and twisted. The fact that it was already a cat C write off before i had it probably didn't help! Don't know if i'll see it again, i want to reclaim my rather nice CD player though, the fascia was no nowhere to be seen mind..
  20. Dont worry about it, it's only a lump of metal and the insurance people will sort it all out for you. At least your not injured which is the main thing.

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