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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Guzzler, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. The Tamworth thing got me thinking a bit. Ouch.

    I have a peculiar affinity for some towns which are considered shitholes, particularly ooop north. By the same token we have some incredibly dull dumps down south don't we?

    Good northern shitholes: Stoke-on-Trent, York, Newcastle, Ull, Birmingham, Sheffield (no, really). Oh, and Tamworth.

    Shit northern shitholes: Wolverhampton, Blackpool, Rotherham, Burnley, Scunthorpe.

    Good poncey southern shandy drinking villages: London, Bath, Frampton-on-Severn (long story), bits of Bristol, Hastings, lots of little places in the four western counties.

    Shit poncey southern shandy drinking villages: London, the 'ring' of Swindon/Reading/Oxford and bloody bloody Luton - those four are even worse than Rotherham. Luton is worse than twelve Rotherhams.

    Just my views, obviously based on personal experience (apart from Luton - that is fact) and no offence to any who live in said shitholes, my adopted city is a 'city that thinks it's a village' anyhow and though I like it it's not because it's good, it's just because I live here and have got used to it. Same goes for the town for that matter, right dull old dump.
  2. Since when has Wolverhampton been up north. You are a real arsehole. Have you ever been to Blackpool.
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  3. Fuck me Guzz you could've given me some notice you was moving me up north from the midlands.
    Where the fuck am I gunna get a whippet and a brace of ferrets at this time of night.
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  4. Hey Rumrat I got ferrets whippets and a spare pair of clogs. Nowt for Guzzler, he aint right in thead.
  5. I have just Googled Goole and Google comes back with fu**ing Google instead of
    Goole. Shows how crap Goole is if Google can't even Google Goole.
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  6. johne - it's meant to be light hearted. I agree, the 'north' is usually considered north of Crewe/Stoke so I believe, but jokingly I would consider Torquay the north. Yes, I've been to Blackpool several times and my comments were meant to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek and I stressed that they were views based on 'personal experience' and even slagged off my own adopted town/city.

    I'm sure that Blackpool is wonderful. What I have seen/experienced was shite.

    Fucking chill.
  7. Here are some crap town up north, Rochdale Bradford Hudersfield and here are some
    in that sad down south land. LONDON Peterborough and Portsmouth to name but a few.
  8. Peterborough - thanks, I forgot that one. Slightly less shite than Luton.
  9. I'm on the way now Johne, can I have my ferrets well done with a bit of garlic bread.
  10. It's no good being nice to Johne now, I'm getting the spare ferret and you can fuck off and catch a Ferrel yourself.
    Being a fat Tamworth bastard I ain't sharing.
  11. Twinned with Mlllaaarrrrr-by-the-Gnnnnnnfffffff

  12. What d'you call people that live there?

  13. Oh dear where do you live ? A+sign+at+the+entrance+to+the+town+of+Fucking+in+Austria.jpg
  14. Obviously aimed Wrecker on his way home CoolPix  3 - www_go4pix_info.jpg
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  15. Apparently there's a place down there that does the best "Sack, back and crack"
    in town.

  16. Take the kids out for a picnic, They'll love it.

  17. Crawley, Luton and Hull, biggest holes of shite in the UK.
  18. That place way up North Derby where I escaped from to join the mob, in the last 30 + years only been back for weddings and funerals, and it’s still a shit hole

    Good runs way way way up north Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Hartlepool

    Edited have to agree with Bath and bit of Brizzel as I was in digs in Bath for about 18 months some nice watering holes there, never liked Pompey and Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute and Greenock were tolerable
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  19. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Guzz, how can you call York a shithole??? Beautiful place.Striling will be contracting cumdownmythroat to come and kill you for real this time. Shitholes (not good ones) I have been to in the UK, in order: 1. Gosport. 2. Hull. 3. Scunthorpe. 4. Goole. 5. Barrow. 6. Southampton. Good shitholes:1. Grimsby. 2. Doncaster. 3. Hartlepool. 4. Portsmouth (hate to say it, but lots of good memories).
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  20. What about Sleaford.
    It states it has a castle.
    Yeah right, its a block of stone on a playing field.
    One road that circumnavigates the town and a friggin level crossing that always seems to be set to the railway lines.

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