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Over the past few months we have been running a series of competitions for Owners Workshop Manuals published by Haynes Publishing.

These competitions have been well received and well entered - the last one is still running if you fancy a go.

However, we have only reviewed a few of the titles that Haynes have on offer and if you are looking for the perfect stocking-filler for Christmas then have a look at the Haynes Website which gives information on many fascinating books that they have.

The a look here: Haynes Practical Manuals

There are titles such as:

Wallace & Grommit's Cracking Contraptions

Wallace & Gromitt.jpg

Plenty of great ideas - so have a look.
Just finished another good stocking filler.VERY UNABLE SEAMAN by Richard Barr.About life on a LCT late fifty's early sixties(HMS RAMPART)
.Good dits & well written.The author ended up a club swinger done 28 years.The books on Amazon ISBN 1-84683-113-X
A voyage for mad men by ? nicholson....this book is about the 1968 Sunday Times round the world yacht race highly recommended.....
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