Cracking one off at Raleigh

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by zRichi, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. I've got the PJFT to do this friday then I imagine I'll have a start date for Raleigh.

    Only thing the moment I crack one off at least 3 times a day (or shag the missus, depending on whether she's round) and pretty much have done since the age of 13.

    I've honestly tried to stop a few times which has just, quite frankly, made me a bit weird and hyper than normal (serious, I'm like a dog in heat ALL THE TIME).

    So I'm just a little bit worried I'm not gonna have time to clean out my bag...I mean I know this sounds like a piss take but do you have time to crack one off? Or is it, in a bunk bed room full of men, shower with men etc.

    Qutie a serious worry for me is that I won't have the time/opportunity to crack one out and after a few days I'll just be walking round with a permanent erection, whilst looking jittery as fcuk.

  2. You have to apply for a book of "wanker's chits", but when they run out, they're gone. You can always trade these valuable assets with your mates for food and/or sexual favours.
  3. hhahahaha :lol:

    OK ok, but I'm serious guys.

    Without unleashing the beast a few times a day I think I'd probably dry hump the drill instructor and do myself a mischief

    Do you actually get time to make the little bald guy throw up or am I just grasping at straws here?
  4. Under the Human Rights Act no government insitution can deny anybody a right which would affect their mental stability (the common law case of R v Brown House of Lords 1993) clearly backs up your posistion, in that, without "relieving yourself" your mental stability will be affected. You need to return to your Recruiting office and collect Form 91A and fill in subsection B titled Special Lifestyle requirements. This can be an embaressing process but it is important if you wish to continue your career in the Royal Navy.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Hahahaha I'm not filling any bloody forms in for slammin the salami.

    Can I get some serious replies on when you get the privacy to do your bit?


    ONCE a day at rally?

    Is it possible to smash out my pis5er ONCE a day?

    I think I can get by if I focus on releasing my energy through all the sports and cleaning and shit.
  6. Is that you Nails?
    Jesus wept, what a waste of bandwidth.
  7. If' you're at a Rally I can imagine you can do it as many times as you want. If you're at Raleigh, I'm not so sure.
  8. Every day a new one eh? I`m constantly amazed at the mental defectives that the RN allow to join up nowadays.
  9. PM Thingy ,he is our resident expert on these matters
  10. Lol you lot are rubbish and as it goes I have a 2-1 degree from UEA!!

    So it's not like I'm a thick cnut

    I just happen to have a vastly higher sperm count than the average 17 year old female chav
  11. No, but you are a wanker :p :

    Degrees don't really mean much mate. Most of the people I know who have them are idiots, including me.
  12. Eloquently put Time
  13. Well I bloody know that!

    That's why I'm trying to get a straight answer!

    And besides, the only people that aren't wankers look like this
  14. zR.

    You will be living with seaman so why waste your own.
  15. FFS You`re female? And 17?
  16. Lol whilst that joke goes over your head I'll await some serious replies!!
  17. On this site? With without a doubt, the bonest question ever? What is your degree in? Gibberish?
  18. Come on lads, I'm not looking to start a flame war here.

    Didn't your mother say if you can't contribute anything offensive which, at the least, is mildy funny, don't say it at all?!

    Seriously...someone whos actually in the mob who could reply I'd be grateful
  19. Are you a star trek fan?

  20. Join the Airforce they're a bunch of Wankers. You'd fit right in.

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