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crab police bullying scandel


War Hero
:p I;m in a cold stone sober aggro mood this evening. :twisted: Any body remember the Crab police bullying and false confessions sacandle late 1970s early 80s :?: Don't give a fcuk about spelling. 8) :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Hmm, fair one - I am sworn to secrecy about the incident. But all I can disclose was that it took place at the Main Gate barrier. And it was a Wednesday. Obviously... :twisted:


War Hero
Gosh, thinking about food chains & suchlike, surely there isn't many people of humanoid origins that are sufficiently inferior to be bullied by snowdrops & still pass the recruiting test?

We live & learn, eh? :wink:
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