Crab Pilots Disciplined

"Per Ardua ad Dolce Vita". Still, at least no WAGs were involved.

Mind you, the remaining c.900 RAF personnel currently accommodated in hotels in and around Gioia del Colle in Italy will be back in the UK for a 16 month 'break' soon enough although they have only been out there since mid-March:

  • RAF Harmony Guidelines mandate: "a maximum of 4 months on operations in a 20-month period with separated service no more than 280 days over a rolling 24-month period." I.E. an average of 140 days separated service per year.

  • This compares with the RN's (including FAA) and RM's much more demanding: "60 per cent deployed and 40 per cent at base in a 3-year cycle with no more than 660 days away from home over a rolling 3-year period". I.E. an average of 220 days separated service per year.
See footnote 3 on page 7 of the 2010 Armed Forces Pay Review Body Report.
They probably forgot to march sideways while on parade...Though, being pissed should help, shouldn't it? :laughing5:
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