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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Seaweed, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    On Tuesday or Wednesday the Daily Telegraph carried a Cranwell graduation list. Almost everyone in all branches except a few 'Flying Branch' seemed to be graduates. Can understand this for the engineers but logistics, RAF Regiment etc - interesting. Thought I'd air this in case anyone had comparable figures for BRNC.

    [Tried to pull an url on this but the Cranwell website 'News' section has not been updated since July .. tried London Gazette but can't get the search to run .. I'll try my wheelie bin when it's light & not raining & if I remember.]
  2. I just had a look at the Navy List, from another thread. Going through the first 3 pages, approx 120 people, and there are 93 grads. 43 of these are Lt/Capt RM or below

  3. Try enrolling Lower Deck with a degree. You will get the bums rush.
  4. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I don't agree. I taught plenty of AEMs at Daedalus who had degrees and I know a CPO WE who joined with a degree.
  5. I stand corrected. That you taught plenty of AEM's with degrees on entry astounds me. What happened to them subsequently? That a CPO WE should join at that rating with a degree is understandable.
  6. S/he wouldn't join as a CPO, they've got to that rate in the normal course.

    As already observed, in other threads a number of branches have graduates, although not in huge numbers.
  7. That went straight over my head, care to expand? I would have thought that anyone that joined the ranks (I know 2 that joined as Mnes) with a degree had made a concious decision to do so. If they did it with the expectation of early advancement and were disappointed then perhaps they made the wrong choice initially.

    To prempt one line in a possible debate, having a degree does not automatically make one a good leader, manager, officer or Senior rank, it is having the qualities, skills, trg, personality and; with time; experience that do so. The degree (real degrees anyway) show the ability to absorb, collate and analyse information; reaching informed decisions based on that info, hopfully leading to a similar ability in the professional arena.

  8. So what is a degree for? If one intends spending ones naval life as an AB Why bother?
  9. Good question, well asked. What is the value of foo degree?

    Personal choice perhaps. However the point being disputed here is whether one would get the bums rush were one to enquire about rating entry as a graduate.

    The system will not prevent one applying, some branches exist where it might be a positive advantage.
  10. The types of Degree available to be taken at the moment at various
    colleges /Universities are very diverse ---and possibly commercially useless.

    Also some Open university degree's are questionable for content .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  11. Again, whoosh...

    To answer the first question see my answer above and extrapolate from the last 10 words. Graduates are expected to have the ability to absorb and process great quantities of info (whilst for some courses remembering vast amounts from the start to the finish of the course). Not having access or insight to any official policy, I believe that having graduates* in the Service ensures that the intellectual, developmental and command aspects are fed by those with proven academic ability. * I fully accept that many non-grads are equally as well versed in these areas as grads and that many grads are educated idiots sans CDF!!

    As to the second; exactly, why bother? In fact I'd go one step further, if one intends to spend ones whole career as an AB why join in the first place? However, those I know of personally did not intend to stay as Mnes, they sought and gained promotion along with their non-grad peers. Perhaps you are suggesting that as an OR with a degree one is a better candidate for promotion or should have some guaranteed right of passage?

  12. Some Open University degree's (sic) are questionable for content?? Care to expand on that? He says, as someone with a BA from the OU. One incidentally, started as an LMA, and studied for through a career which included bomber patrols, AACC, and Dartmouth.

    And a degree is just not for getting on in life. It's a way of broadening one's knowledge, gaining insight into subjects previously not understood, or just for for general interest and fun. Whatever the reason, it's still hard graft and not a postal degree.

    I rest - suitably vented.
  13. Back in your box, Pink :threaten:
  14. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    They did the degrees because they liked/enjoyed the subjects - the joined the RN because they wanted those careers. Of the people I knew - one never ever wanted any form of responsibility (so Officer was out) but liked engineering and loved aircraft - another just wasn't sure what we wanted, had wandered into a degree then wandered into a job.

    CPO was an entirely different kettle of poisson - did a degree knowing he was going to going the RN as a Rating, determined to get promoted yardie or SD. Desperate to have a good experience and prove himself. His way of doing it.

    I have an RAF SAC working for me currently with a degree in IS and a Cpl IS Engineer RSigs with a degree in IS too - both are happy with their lot, currently.
  15. I think the thing with degrees is some people take them purely to broaden their knowledge without plans for a career path. I have a degree, yet I'm looking at applying as WE Technician as that's the career I want to follow
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    A similar thread has been running in Newbies with regard people joining as a rating whilst qualified for officer. Whilst it's quite common & entirely acceptable if that's what the individual chooses, it is also equally common for the individual to claim otherwise after they have joined:

  17. You refer only to the Fawkses's side of the entrants. Does your interesting dissertation on graduate entry not equably apply to distaff applicants?
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If it were apparent what you were on about Norman, it would merit a reply, but seeing as it's highly unlikely you know yourself, there's little point.
  19. May I just say -

    [align=center]wtf??[/align] [align=center] :dontknow: [/align]
  20. You may and I'll raise you 2!!
    [align=center]wtf??[/align] [align=center] :dontknow: [/align]
    [align=center]wtf??[/align] [align=center] :dontknow: [/align]


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