Crab Merlin goes Ooops!

A Techie mate of mine who worked on Chinooks once said that " a helicopter is a machine designed to shake itself to bits". He's not wrong! :w00t:
Another one on a similar vein for you gentlemen of the Senior Service to be amazed at. Sometime in the sixties possibly early seventies an RAF Wessex lost it mains rotor-- in flight. Crew impressed-- by the impact! Even more scary, this chopper belonged to The Queen's Flight!


Lantern Swinger
I was at Culdrose in 84 when a 706 cab came back to the line unexpectedly - there was a nasty vibration from the tail rotor. Despite having supposedly had supervisory & independent checks, and a pilots pre-flight walk round the cab was found to have had one tail rotor blade fitted back to front!
chockhead819 said:
What about the seaking that flew with the Gust Lock fitted???
Yep - and who left it fitted Chocks - certainly not a Handler. I'm reminded of a SHAR that I launched from Invincible in '83 with an undercarriage ground lock fitted - the Plane Captain forgot to remove it and, with no flag fitted, it was not apparent to me on launch. Despite the squadron trying to lay the blame on the Flight Deck party, fortunately Lt Cdr(f) and Wings were firmly on side.
I had a prang when I ripped the nose oleo out of a lynx, I normal fitted the towing arm & the castor pin, but was refuelling so just fitted the arm.
PO tiff came along, Told him I had fitted the pin, he gave the towing arm a wiggle,looked at the nose wheel & said must be one without a flag.
Away Chocks come ahead -- BANG One dead lynx.
no, Yeovilton 1980, Name rings a bell but cant remember his face.

Got a nice shock in London, Paddy Ash, Peggy Mount & Andy Wroot in the parade. Wrooty a WO & still a softie !

Even met Maggie at the Reception.
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