Crab calling the Andrew Wet

:toilet: He may have a valied point ! The reporter was held for some time, by a group of Palestinians in a pretty rough part of the world where he could have been executed at any time, he was composed when video'd even with a bomb harness around his chest whereas we all know what happened with HMS Cornwall !!!! Done to death I know but a fair point me thinks. :tp:
I note from another website that AVM Macey is one of those who still believes the RAF saved the country from invasion in 1940 while conveniently forgetting the Germans' utter unpreparedness for such a high-risk venture and the vulnerability of their sitting-duck 'invasion force' (virtually unescorted flat-bottomed barges under tow) to the other services, especially the RN with its total dominance of the Channel. I'll wager he even thinks the RAF won the Falklands campaign by managing to plant a single bomb on the runway at Stanley.

I can't fault the behaviour of Alan Johnston in captivity but the Cornwall 15 were just obeying standard guidelines, even if they did go a little OTT about it.


Lantern Swinger
I'm with you NG. Johnston comes across as remarkably composed but none of us know what it was like for him or how he behaved (but I imagine he was pretty together). The Iran 15 was a completely and utterly different scenario and whilst I think they did not do themselves any favours I defy the geriatric crab to say that he would have done any different. All he has done is show himself up to be a rather foolish and bitter individual. Apart from the natural rivalry and good natured banter, the Services all work together nowadays regardless of the operation (I've deployed with both on a few occasions) and the days of petty point scoring, jealousy and backstabbing are, I hope, a thing of the past - just like AVM Macey! Actually I am more disappointed with the Times for printing such an obviously provocative letter.
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