CPOMEA(LSM) Taff Attwood

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by WreckerL, Nov 13, 2009.

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  1. To those that knew him, I've been informed that Taff sadly crossed the bar last Sunday after a long illness. Served with him on Turbulent and knew him for many years, He was an all round good egg and an ace run ashore.

    RIP Shippers
  2. Also served with Taff. RIP you old seadog.
  3. My condolences to his family. Old Boat, but not the some time :cry:
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Sorry to hear your bud pass on Wrecker. RIP.
  5. That is sad news. I joined boats with Taff Attwood. As you said WreckerL he was an all round nice guy and ready wit.
    When we were doing the tank (SETT) we were in the bottom of the tank getting ready to do our first 100 foot ascent the compartment was flooding up nicely and as you that have done the tank it was the thing that the water was quite warm so we were stood there with our BIBS mouth pieces in our hands, not Taff he had his BIBS mouthpiece in his mouth and was floating face down in the water. We didn't take any notice the instructor shouted stop flooding with a scream whilst the other instructor rushed over to Taff thinking he had keeled over face down. ( We knew he hadn't) Anyway they grabbed hold of Taff he took the BIBS mouth piece out of his mouth and said in his broad Welsh accent 'whats the matter I was only floating wasn't I' Well done Taff you made our course.
    Condolescences to his family and keep 'em smiling Taff you'll be missed.
    Resurgam Shippers.

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