CPO WW2 pilots wings

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by WAFU Henry, Mar 1, 2016.

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  1. Hi does anyone have a picture or better still a set of ratings WW2 pilots wings for square rig. Not tropical rig please. many thanks
  2. Thanks for that info Billy Q. Red cotton for No2's. Did they wear Gold for No 1's or did the piglets squeal at the afront of such a thing.Pity most senior rate pilots reverted to Air mechanics or Cooks etc.Although I know a pal of my fathers was offered a commission. WAFU Henry
  3. Not all pilots reverted to just cooking. Some kept flying. Me for instance :)
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  4. Unofficially some wore gold braid wings especially if they were serving with the Canadians, as their rating pilots were issued with the gold version.
    Most rating pilots were offered commissions as Warrant Officers. a number did, but others were snapped up as commercial pilots. Google WEJ Stockwell. He was one of the 5 rating Battle of Britain pilots awarded the clasp. He retired as a warrant Pilot. He was interesting as he and his Observer (an officer) were made POW's..
    It is difficult to find out much of WO's, as all their records were destroyed during the London Blitz
  5. Fixed that for you!
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  6. I remember in 1976 as a young sprog being taken on a familiarisation flight in a Heron at Daedalus where the pilot was a CPO with said wings
  7. One of the last on his fifth five

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