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CPO Gordon Selby - Luckiest matelot ever?


There were a LOT from the same mould as him. I listen to their stories at our meetings,(when you can get them to talk about it) Their 'dits' make my jaw drop. Proper Hero's all.
RIP Swain.

I went to a SOCA Reunion a few years ago in Dolphin and there are lots of these people still out there but they dont really like to talk about it.
Nothing but admiration for those submariners who were the real deal, not like us bunch of softies of these last 25 years or so


one of those people who for not meeting your own life is poorer,

I for one will miss his incite when(if) i graduate as a submarine officer


War Hero
We drank a tot to him on Anzac Day, as he was a member of the SM Association in Australia. What a legend!
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