CPO Fred Gannon - After any info/photos - all lost in fire.


Fred was indeed at HMS Mercury in the mid-70s, when I and a few other (mainly Comms) rates were qualifying for our Marksman's badges, and it was Fred that booked the range times, every Wednesday afternoon as I remember (?) at Longmoor Camp firing ranges. We used to jump in a pussers tilly armed with a bagmeal and our weapons, collect the ammo upon arrival at Longmoor from the pongoes, and just blast away on 9mm Browning, Sterling SMG, and 7.62 SLRs for the afternoon until our hearts were content!! The range supervisor was a sergeant from one of the Jock regiments and he was one of the funniest blokes I met in my RN career. Brilliant bloke.
Of our group, only myself and a NN passed first time. She used to meet us there from Haslar and her claim to fame was that she was one of only a handful of NNs ever to qualify as a Marksman. She'd done a lot of shooting as a civvy before choosing a career in nursing. Amusingly, she was never allowed to wear her Marksman's badge on any of her uniforms! Nurses and rifles......kinda sends out the wrong message, according to pusser!!.....