CPO Fred Gannon - After any info/photos - all lost in fire.

Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by Longshot75, Nov 11, 2015.

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  1. Hi All

    My father was Peter James Gannon, aka Fred Gannon, and served from 57 > 82.

    We were estranged for long time, but we reconciled. Unfortunately a few years after our reconciliation, he died in a house fire, and as well as losing him, I lost nearly every photograph of him there was.

    His linen went, as did his medals etc, so I literally have nowhere to start.

    I know he was a Gunnery Instructor at Collingwood, and that he served on the Apollo.
    I also know he was involved in one the Royal Tournaments.

    That's the limit of my knowledge, and as my children are now asking about him, I'd be more grateful than you could know with any information that anyone can provide.


  2. David, do you have your Dad's official number? If you do, as fishhead has said, contact the Vets agency. Was his Royal Tournament participation as a Field Gunner? Was he actually a G.I. or was he Parade Staff at Collingrad?
  3. Ho,

    thanks both for your responses, and sorry for the delay.

    Your reward for being helpful will be further questions I'm afraid.
    I don't have his service number and Maternal input would be the very last option....
    • As for the Tournament, he helped to organise/put it on... Better at shouting than running :)
    • Colingwood posting ; pass. The photograph I have of him there shows him with a swagger stick, and I'm leaning towards him being Parade Staff (now that you use the phrase), but that is something scratching at the back of my head rather than fact.
    Do you know if the vet agency records include postings (ships) etc?

    Thanks again
  4. If he was indeed helping to organise or put on the Field Gun tournament there will almost certainly be team photos lurking around somewhere. From the sound of it he was a Gunnery Instructor(or G.I. for short) and there is a good chance there are mug shots and class photos at their spiritual home HMS Excellent in Portsmouth.
    A man's records will show which ships/shore establishments he was drafted to in time order but they don't always tell the whole story as for things like the Royal Tournament his records may show he was at HM Barracks Portsmouth( for instance) and make no mention of the tournament.
    All this is academic if you can't find out his service number which will unlock the door and confirm to people that you have some legitimate reason to have information sent to you.
  5. Longshot 75. I have been in contact with the Gunnery Instructors Association and hopefully I will have more info on your Dad in the New Year.
  6. Re: F17 in 1963, Temby, Torquay and the T15's go to Cleveland in the USA
    My old oppo Fred Gannon was on the TENBY for the trip to Cleveland but was drafted on her return to the UK to Commission CARYSFORT at Gibraltar for a 2 Year Commission out the Far East,Sadly Fred passed away a few years ago as a result of a house fire .
  7. How can I make contact with Longshot75?
  8. I joined Carysfort late 64 as a 16 year old Comms rate. Fred was indeed onboard. As well as his Gunnery plus at sea Leading Seaman of the watch on deck duties, he was a very young Killick of the Mess (The After Seamans Messdeck). He did indeed become a POGI, then Chief GI. I saw him again, I would estimate in the late 70s, when he was the Chief GI of HMS Mercury, the then Signal School, where he was affectionately known as "Tick Tock". Sorry I have no photos but there is a very good HMS Carysfort web site which may be worth a read. We were the penultimate commission 64 to 66...Hope that helps
  9. Hi - Wow - Sorry I've been working away and didn't think to check back.

    Well thank you all for your responses; None of you knows how much it means to get even a tidbit more information.

    @ Billy Q Tenby does indeed ring a bell now, especially as you mention Cleveland. The Far East info is great - I knew that he met up with his brother out there (a pongo). It was a house fire, yes, and everything he had went; except his 1970's Seiko which I had taken off him to get repaired.

    @onions - I'll send you a private message with my details, thank you.

    D25 Carysfort - Mercury; brilliant - thank you so much. I knew he had instructed/trained somewhere, and had assumed it was Portsmouth or Plymouth. I'll get on the Carysfort website now.

    Thank you all again.

  10. David, initial research at HMS Excellent has confirmed that "Fred" did qualify as a GI. As to when, I will let you know as soon as I get the info. I might be able to copy his course photograph. With the replies you have received you should building a rough idea of his career.

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