CPO AET Wayne "Ned" Kelley

Condolences to his family at what has to be an absolutely terrible time for them; he really sounds like a decent bloke.

Bloody motorbikes are just not clever. Doesn't matter how competent you are; you can't rely on other motorists to see you.

RIP Ned,sympathies to his family and friends.

Disagree SF, there is such a thing as defensive riding, i.e. ride as if every car driver is miopic and deaf.
I know it's not "de rigeur" to speak ill, but every time I see a motorcyclist weaving in and out of traffic and taking bends on the wrong side of the road, I keep well out of the way, thinking they're not long for this world and there's no way they're taking me with them when they go.


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RIP Ned. Never knew you but I am a biker also, so can only presume what happened.

Slightly off-topic, but I was a car driver first before I began riding motorbikes, and I have to honestly say that becoming a rider has made me a much better car driver. My reactions and road awareness has inreased significantly, as I see the world from all sides, not just what I can see through the windscreen.
angry_mac: I'm not a biker, you obviously are (Avatar gives it away). Defensive riding? I don't think so - you must remember that your skill is no match for natural stupidy of others.

RIP Ned,
great bloke, had the fortune to serve with him for a couple of years and also saw him around the bizzar's @ culdrose.
always had time for a chat and a p**s take.
will be sorley missed

I was on Tiff's course with Ned. Great bloke (for a cornishman!). I will hopefully be at the funeral along with several classmates.

That's three losses in the last month and a half. Dunnzo, Langers and now Ned.

RIP All.

Your Funeral was emotional, Standing room only, The church was packed inside and out its been a pleasure to know you !!

Condolences to your family

You will be missed......YOU Piss Taking "Spunk Trumpet"
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