Cowardly PCSOs or Irresponsible parents

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by angry_mac, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. This regards a 10 yr old lad tragically drowning whilst trying to save the life of his 8yr old step sister. Yes I'm sure in that position we wouldve jumped in and the behaviour of the PCSOs is tantamount to cowardice. But where were the parents, Im sure the heartbreak they must be feeling in the loss of their child is unimaginable, but they let their very young children play unsupervised by a dangerous and deep pool. Or even worse they didnt know or care where their children were at the time. I do believe in the hoohaa about the lack of response from these plastic bobbies has overshadowed the fact the parents are also culpable. Any views?
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  3. Sorry, delete as appropiate then!
  4. What hasn't been mentioned is the horrible way in which the father found his son had died, as reported today on BBC News Online, he only found out when the News was reporting on the death of his son.

    I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
  5. I wouldn't either BUT the question must be asked- why did the chap not have contact with his son for 7-8 years?
  6. He was serving in the Army at the time, and returned home to find that they had moved without telling him.

    Furthermore he couldn't be told where his own son was living, due to Data Protection Laws.

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